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Aluminium and Tinplate Pre-threaded Screw Caps

  • Roberts Threaded Screw Caps Cosmetics

Roberts is the leading European producer of aluminium and tinplate Pre-threaded Screw Caps (for glass, plastic & aluminium bottles and jars), Aluminium Containers and jars (for creams, balms, putties, candles etc.) 2-piece Tinplate Containers (for polishes, waxes and foodstuffs) and Godets (for make-up and pressed powders) supplying the following markets:


  • Fragrance, Cosmetics, Toiletries & Haircare
  • Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Veterinary
  • Non-Processed Foods, and Sugar & Flower Confectionery
  • Jewellery, Clothing, Leather, and other Luxury Product Packaging
  • Homecare and Shoecare
  • Promotional and Giftware
  • Various Industrial


We are a small, independent, flexible, and friendly company, committed to product excellence, and to the continual improvement of the service we provide to our customers. The company has a proud heritage stretching back over 115 years; founded in 1887 (as Roberts Capsule Stopper Company Limited) trading in cork and producing cork stoppers. As metal-forming technology developed, cork stoppers were replaced with metal caps & closures, and it was from here that our existing product range evolved.

Choose Metal for your Packaging Design

Today we are able to offer truly outstanding metal packaging solutions. Metal is one of the most versatile of all packaging media, offering outstanding formability and decorative potential, total recycleability and strong consumer acceptance. Whether from our standard ranges of closures, containers and components or customized to your specific requirements through:

  • Embossing/Debossing (we are world leaders in this area)
  • Decoration/Coating
  • Bespoke tooling

….we will find a solution for you.

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