Reusable Packaging Suppliers

Reusable Packaging is typically used at the business end of the supply chain. The packaging is made of long-lasting materials designed to used multiple times without impairing its function. Some items will be used in transport like wooden pallets and plastic crates, some will be used for storage like steel drums and gas cylinders. At the consumer level, reusable packaging refers to closed-loop recycling schemes, which involves returning glass bottles from milk, soda and beer to be sanitised and reused.

  • Plasgad

    Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturer of Bins, Boxes and Tubs

    Plastic Injection Moulded Bins, Boxes and TubsPlasgad is a specialist plastic injection moulding manufacturer of cost effective and efficient plastic packaging products based on 30 years' experience.

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    Kibbutz Gadot, Unknown, 12325
  • Clifford Packaging Ltd

    Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and Design Specialist Solutions

    Endorsed by unrivalled service levels. A specialist who supplies Retail Ready Packaging, POP or outer cases into the food and drinks sector, and other FMCG industries.

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    United Kingdom
    Bradbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8AQ


    NO-NAIL BOXES (ALIPA Group) manufactures collapsible plywood and steel boxes that are used for packaging, transport and storage. More than 90% of its boxes are made to measure.

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    ZA Salzbaach, Wiltz, 9559
  • Poly C Reclaimers

    Recyclers for all Plastics

    Poly C. Reclaimers are specialized recyclers for all plastics. Poly C. Reclaimers was founded at the dawn of the new millennium in order to assist in the regeneration of Britain's energy resources by placing waste materials into the recycling chain.

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    United Kingdom
    50 Albert Ave, Manchester, M25 0LX
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