Waste Handling: Trim Removal and Pneumatic Extraction Systems

Presona AB


Waste Handling

Presona offers the total solution for rational and effective handling of paper trims, dust and mackle from print shops, paper and cardboard manufacturers and the packaging industry.

Trims and dust are collected at the source by means of a pneumatic extraction system. The material is extracted through suction hoods to a pipeline system with integrated material separator for separation of dust and air. The dust-free material falls down into a compactor or baling press.

A dusty environment is bad for both man and machine. The problems with dust emission from die cutters, milling machines, slitters and other processing machines are eliminated with the closed extraction system from Presona. The conveying air is fed through a dust filter for maximum cleaning.

Trim Removal and Pneumatic Extraction Systems

The filtered and dust-free conveying air is re-used to heat storerooms or office premises. It can also be led back to the production room. To let the already heated air out in the open is an inefficient use of energy.

Trim Removal and Pneumatic Extraction Systems

Our waste handling system transforms trims and mackle into a recyclable resource. The above-mentioned advantages will save money and solve the problems with paper rejects once and for all. Expensive production premises can be fully utilized as the waste extraction equipment can be placed outdoors. The Presona system includes a number of accessories and variations to meet the individual requirements.

Presona offers the total solution - from a deep analysis of your requirements to the turn-key trim removal system!

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