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High Quality Packaging for Infusion and Injection Therapy

  • Medical Infusion Container

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is a leading producer of primary packaging for medical applications

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. We are pursuing an uncomprimising quality policy at any time for the benefit of our customers. This also includes full documentation.

Our know-how in both extrusion and injection blow moulded packaging is unique. We are exclusively working with environmentally friendly raw materials and through the years we have developed a very comprehensive understanding of these plastics.

Production is subject to strict hygiene rules and all of our packaging is blown by sterile filtered air. Some of our packaging is packed in our Clean Room Class C (10.000).

Our product range covers:

  • Infusion containers – 3 different standard systems
  • Vials from polypropylene
  • Vials from High Density polyethylene

Our packaging is sold world-wide. Based on our competencies in plastics and experience in design of packaging, we develop innovative solutions of high quality together with our customers. Promens Medical Packaging A/S has a strong focus on safety for the filler, the user and also for the patient.

We are ready to market a connector DivibaX® which complies with above and which is unique on the market. DivibaX® ensures safe mixing of two drugs, no run back of liquids into the vial and 100% traceability.

Medical Packaging: Vials and Infusion Containers

  • Medical Packaging – Vials and Infusion Containers

Vials and infusion containers for injection and infusion therapy. With more than 40 years of experience we have a unique position in the market for primary packaging.

Infusion containers

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is marketing three standard infusion container systems

  • Membrane Containers – called so due to the fact that a plastic membrane separates the liquid from the rubber disc
  • Intra-Con Containers – with two necks; a 20 mm neck for the infusion set and a 13 mm neck which serves as an additive port.
  • Snap-off Containers – a container system without a rubber disc. When emptying the container you need to break off the neck.

The ranges are from 100 to 3000 ml, the material is polypropylene which ensures that the filled containers can be autoclaved after filling.

The design ensures safe emptying and no risk of air embolism for the patient.


Promens Medical Packaging A/S offers two ranges of standard vials – all with necks according to the ISO standards:

  • Polypropylene Vials – 2 – 1000 ml
  • High Density Polyethylene Vials – 20 – 1000 ml

The polypropylene vials are suitable for most liquids: Vaccines, oncology products, standard solutions etc. They can be sterilised at autoclaving after filling, however, also ETO treatment is a possibility.

The High Density polyethylene vials are mostly used by veterinary manufacturers. Polyethylene vials can be supplied either irradiated or non-irradiated.

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is currently working with a new transparent plastic material which can be both irradiated and autoclaved. The barrier properties are very similar to the properties of polypropylene, the fall-strength is excellent and the transparency is crucial to some manufacturers.

Connecting Intra-Con and Vial

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is ready to market a new connector DivibaX®.

Using this, container and vial can be safely connected, two drugs can be mixed just before infusion without any risk to the personnel or the patient.

DivibaX® is unique in the market since

  • it is T-shaped
  • it is 100% protected against running-back of the liquid
  • it cannot be separated once the drugs are mixed
  • it ensures 100% traceability
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