Leister Technologies AG

Hot Air Blowers, Air Heater Systems for Logistics, Packaging Industries

  • Bottle Drying with Leister Heaters and Hot Air Blowers
  • LHS-60 Air-Heater from Leister Process Technologies
  • Plastic Welding Hand Extruder
  • Paper Cup Making with Leister Hot Air Blower

Leister Technologies AG offers heat process solutions for applications in the logistics, packaging and food industries. For more than sixty years, the company has been the global leader in the supply of hot air systems. In recent years, the company has also been supplying innovative micro systems and laser systems.

Leister Technology's full range of hot air systems includes:

All Leister products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland so that customers can rely on the company's well-earned reputation for quality. 95 % of its products are exported out of the country. That's why Leister has built up a dense network of Sales and Service Centres across the globe. This guarantees effective services and support anywhere, at any time.

Hot air can be used for a wide range of industrial applications and processes including welding, melting, shrinking, curing, drying, heating, activating and sterilisation. Customers benefit from Leister's extensive engineering experience in the development and production of hot air systems.

Hot Air Systems

Hot Air Systems

Hot Air Systems for the Food and Logistics Industries

Leister hot air systems are currently used in industrial heat processing applications in countries around the world. Almost all industries can benefit from the innovations offered by the company. Leister's hot air systems bring major advantages in cost effectiveness and efficiency across the board.

In the Logistics sector, a polyethylene shrink film can be placed over a stack of goods to prevent collapse or loss of products. Leister hot air blowers are an ideal solution for heat shrinking the plastic onto the stack.

In the food industry, e.g. a polyethylene coated milk carton can be welded and dried using Leister's hot-air systems.

Hot Air Blowers / Air Heaters

Air Heater

Remote Controlled Hot Air Heaters / Blowers for Shrinkable Plastics

Shrinkable plastics offer an excellent replacement for metal caps. Leister's HOTWIND PREMIUM or HOTWIND SYSTEM hot-air blowers or LHS series air heaters fitted with appropriate blowers can supply hot air to a wide slot nozzle or a reflector for effective shrinking.

Leister hot air systems can be installed in industrial systems, devices and packaging machines for continuous, maintenance-free operation. The systems are available with a broad selection of power ratings for temperatures as high as 900 degrees Celsius. A wide range of products are available for countless applications. All devices feature a compact design and operate up to a high power level. Some can also be controlled remotely. Leister's products are built to rigorous quality standards, for long-term, maintenance-free operation, even during twenty-four-seven mode.

Air Heaters / Hot Air Blowers

Air Heater / Blower

Leister offers compact air heaters including the LHS series which are compatible with a wide range of Leister blowers and nozzles. Leister hot air devices are set up as permanent installations and integrated into a production line, but can also used as portable devices (hot air blower HOTWIND). The systems are equally suited to use in preliminary trials, industrial processes and flexible switching applications for short production runs.

Visit the website or contact your Leister Sales and Service Centre today for more information on their range of air heaters, hot air heaters, blowers, controllers and nozzles.


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