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NatureFlex™ Cellulose and BOPP Flexible Packaging Films and Overwrap

Innovia Films’ Cellulose and BOPP Flexible Films

Innovia Films is a world leading producer of speciality BOPP and cellulose films. With production facilities in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia, 16 sales offices and a strong network of distributors and agents worldwide. Innovia Films holds a leading global position in their chosen markets:

  • Labelling
  • Overwrap
  • Packaging and Industrial Applications

BOPP Film Overwrap from Innovia

Chocolate Box Overwrap

Propafilm™ BOPP film overwrap is ideally suited to high speed overwrap applications. The exceptional clarity and sparkle, balanced and controlled shrinkage and outstanding mechanical properties for machine performance and conversion have set the bench mark for overwrap pack wrap quality.

Films for the Tobacco Industry

Innovia Films has supplied biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) film overwrap to tobacco factories worldwide for over 70 years. Many tobacco companies who know us think Innovia Films = tobacco overwrap.

We have continued to innovate and expand our product offering which now includes coated, uncoated, shrink tightening and non-shrink tightening film for high speed wrapping of unit packs and cartons. Our latest additions to our collation pack wrap films include two uncoated films - PropafilmTM NC25 (non-shrink) and PropafilmTM SNC25 (shrink tightening).

Our coated overwrap films provides easier machine running as the film doesn't stick to the film on the hard or soft unit packs. A recent development is our 'snap wrap' film, which is scored to enable easy removal of unit wrap packs from clear collation bundles.

Other new films designed and developed for the tobacco industry are high clarity film, easy release film, soft look film, thin film for cost conscious brands and NatureFlexTM renewable and compostable films for tobacco pouches and sachets.

Films for Tobacco Pouches

Expanding Range of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Labelling Films

Our unique bubble film production process and the mechanical properties it imparts to our biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films, has put us at the top of the global market for filmic pressure sensitive label substrates where we have remained for over 20 years.

The labels film range includes RayofaceTM CZPA and WZPA squeezable grades for the home and personal care market, high lustre RayofoilTM MCPA metallised films and RayowebTM CR films for release liners, along with UV stabilised RayoartTM CGS/WGS films for outdoor applications and a range of films for industrial/durable uses (RayofaceTM VTT and WTT).

Also new films have been developed for linerless label applications.


In Mould Label Films

In Mould Label (IML) Films - RayoFormTM
A new range of In Mould Label (IML) films for injection moulding - RayoFormTM is available in white and clear versions. Recently launched grades include low distortion and thermoforming films for In Mould applications.

Packaging and Industrial Applications
Our ability to design and produce high performance coated BOPP packaging and cellulose films means we are the supplier of choice in demanding applications including fresh produce packaging, biscuit and bakery overwrap, confectionery twistwrap, convenience ‘food on the go' applications, cut-paper wrapping and high-speed flow-wrapping.

Cellulose Films

Cellulose Films
Cellulose films are produced from renewable resources - wood pulp. They offer a range of unique attributes which plastic films are unable to equal and can be supplied in a wide range of brilliant colours.

Our CellophaneTM brand is renowned for its performance in speciality markets including twistwrapped confectionery, "breathable" packaging for baked goods, "live" yeast and cheese products and CelloThermTM ovenable and microwaveable packaging.

CellophaneTM is also used in technically challenging applications such as adhesive tapes, heat-resistant release liners and for battery separators.

Renewable and Compostable Packaging Films - NatureFlexTM

NatureFlex™ - Renewable and Compostable Packaging Films

The NatureFlexTM range is at the forefront of developments in compostable packaging films. These films are certified to EU (EN13432) US (ASTM D6400) and Australian (AS4736) composting norms.

A recent launch, NatureFlexTM N913 the first of a brand new family of films, comprises NatureFlexTM together with a proprietary sealant layer. The advantages of NatureFlexTM N913 include an excellent barrier to moisture and a good barrier to gases and aromas, in addition to enhanced sealability and seal integrity.

NatureFlexTM N913 film is ideal for a vast array of products that require exceptional packaging performance in both ‘moist' and ‘dry' areas including meat, cheese, cereals, confectionery, fresh produce, snacks, household products and personal care items.

Fast BOPP Films
The BOPP packaging product range offers a broad spectrum of films with properties that match demanding packaging requirements.

PropafilmTM FFF family of films have set a new standard in high speed heat seal flow wrap performance and have been successfully used in confectionery, home and personal care, bakery and other food applications.

Digitally Printable BOPP Films
The technical performance of our comprehensive portfolio of digitally printable BOPP substrates for both the Labels and Packaging markets has gained worldwide recognition; we are a Global HP Indigo® Preferred Media Partner.


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