Glass Bottles Suppliers

Find suppliers of glass bottles and jars from manufacturers and suppliers that can answer all your bottling needs on an international basis. Here you can find a variety of glass containers to the food, dairy, beverage, wine, spirit, beer and cider industries

  • Pont Packaging

    Packaging Containers in Plastic and Glass

    Total Packaging Solutions for Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Food, Drink, Industrial and Chemical Businesses. For over 100 years Pont Packaging have provided bespoke packaging and have developed an ethos of service and reliability.

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    United Kingdom
    Unit 8, Manchester, M17 1QS
  • AVE UK Ltd

    Affordable Quality Machinery

    AVE UK LTD, a subsidiary of AVE INDUSTRIES, have for nearly forty years been supplying affordable quality machinery in the beverage, water, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household chemicals, toiletries, wines and spirits, food and dairy industries.

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    United Kingdom
    4 Riverside Park Industrial Estate, Farnham, GU9 7UG
  • Croxsons

    Supplier of Glass Bottles and Kilner Jars

    Founded in 1872, is an established supplier of glass containers to the food, dairy, beverage, wine, spirit, beer and cider industries.

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    United Kingdom
    Unit 5, Manor Park, Coventry, CV3 4LH
  • PackSys Global AG

    Laminate Tubes, Extruded Tube Equipment, Aerosol Can Line & Plastic Cap Equipment

    Advanced Packaging Technologies PackSys Global is one of the world's leading technology companies for packaging equipment. We manufacture machinery for the production of laminate and plastic tubes, aerosol cans, aluminium tubes.

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    Joweid Zentrum, Hinwil, 8630
  • Secomak

    Air Knife Blowers, Bottle Drying Systems and Can Drying

    Secomak Ltd is a major supplier of air movement technology ranging from airknife solutions to blowers, bottle drying systems and can drying solutions.

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    United Kingdom
    330 Centennial Park, Elstree, WD6 3TJ
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