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Cryo Store b.v. was founded in 1999. In over 12 years, Cryo Store bv has become a trusted, full service partner for many pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and food companies. Cryo Store bv is based in the Netherlands and is specialized in Biostorage, Packaging and Logistics of temperature sensitive products and samples of various nature.

Temperature Controlled Solutions

Cryo Store offers various packaging solutions consisting of basic materials as TCP, EPS, BioFoam® and carton to provide the best option for your specific needs in temperature requirements during different transport times and costs. Being a packaging specialist, Cryo Store continuously looks for innovations in storage and distribution of temperature sensitive goods.

EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene

EPS boxes are the most used boxes for shipping temperature controlled goods. EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene offers excellent isolation properties and has a low weight. We have a range of different size production moulds available to give you a wide selection of box sizes. EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene can be recycled easily and we can take care of collection of your used boxes.

TCP: Temperature Controlled Packaging

Temperature Controlled Packaging is a great alternative for EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene. Since no production moulds are needed, we are able to design and develop a box in each size matching your product specifications. Also, Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP) is stored flat and therefore saves you valuable storage space. Since Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP) is a strong semi-rigid liner that will not crack or split if dropped, your products are better protected. Our unique design also allows products to be shipped at different temperatures within the same package.


This is new, unique, fully biologically degradable EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene with similar insulation properties as EPS, Expandable PolyStyrene and we have various size boxes available for you. BioFoam® is C2C and can be disposed as normal waste. For saving the environment and a green image for your company, BioFoam® is the packaging solution for you.

Specialty packaging: In our range of packaging products, we also offer solutions for goods with specific classification requirements, e.g. special packaging to ship biological specimens/clinical samples under class UN3372 which comply with the ADR/ICAO/IATA P650 packaging requirements.

Cooling products: Just isolation is in most cases not enough to keep your temperature sensitive products in perfect condition until destination. Cryo Store offers several techniques to keep your shipment at the right temperature.

Use of gelpacks or cooling elements is an ideal solution when you want to keep the temperature between -20 °C till +8 °C. Cryo Store offers a range of different Gelpacks to keep your products at the right temperature during shipment. Our extensive experience allows us to reliably advise you on which packaging solution will guarantee perfect shipping and delivery of your material. When your shipment needs a higher temperature, we use heating elements in combination with Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP).

Dry Ice: Cryo Store always has access to sufficient amounts of dry ice for packaging, shipping and back up safety. Dry ice is very suitable as a cooling agent to keep products reliably below Zero °C. During transport, dry ice will sublimate ‘into thin air," without leaving residue, like melt-water left by warming water ice, keeping the shipments content dry. Dry ice sublimation is dependent on insulation properties, size of packaging and ambient temperature. Using dry ice allows keeping products below Zero for longer periods without adding energy or other materials, which is an important benefit compared to more conventional, water based cooling solutions.

Logistics: Cryo Store has over 10 years of experience in worldwide distribution of biological samples, clinical samples, products for scientific research and other temperature sensitive materials. When required, our solutions are turnkey: we arrange pick up, pack and dispatch, with all necessary documentation to secure an efficient and timely delivery to the required destination.

We work closely with all well known couriers, like TNT, Fedex and UPS, with preferred services without dependency on one couriers' network. In this way, we can reach almost all locations in Europe within 24-48 hours. Our service can be extended to other locations in the World. Shipping details will be supplied to you in daily reports for full tracking and tracing by you.

The unique combination of logistical experience and Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions makes Cryo Store the ideal partner for storage, packing and distribution of your temperature sensitive products.

Biobanking: Cryo Store is a specialist in storing biological materials or products, long-term as well as for distribution to your collaborators or customers. Cryo Store started over 10 years ago with biobanking of samples for pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Cryo Store's storage faciities are located in a special secured area, only accessible for trained employees. Our systems are all about safety and keeping the right environment, equipped with all required back-up systems and data management. We store samples from -196°C till room temperature.

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