Foam Packaging Has Aesthetic Appeal

Zotefoams plc

Azote polyolefin foams are used by an increasing number of manufacturers of high quality retail goods such as perfumes, drinks and healthcare products to provide cushioning protection that enhances product shelf appeal.

Innovative Packaging Technology

The use of this innovative packaging technology enables designers to combine packaging protection with good aesthetic appeal and high point of sale impact. Where product positioning within a market is crucial, the use of high quality foam can enhance the product image while providing outstanding protection.

Azote foams are produced by a unique nitrogen saturation manufacturing process that enables the physical characteristics of the foam to be controlled precisely. They are available in densities from 15 kg to 110 kg / m3, in varying cell sizes and in a broad selection of attractive colours and they can be readily laminated to produce attractive and striking colour combinations.

Innovative Packaging Technology - Perfume Display Case

Thanks to a significant investment in new development facilities at its Croydon facility, the Company now claims to be able to match customer colours and provide samples in a matter of days. This gives packaging designers the opportunity to bring their ideas to reality in a very short time frame and better meet the needs of the rapidly moving retail world.

Unlike chemically blown foams, the Zotefoams manufacturing technique produces foams that are virtually odour free, so essential for retail packaging applications. They are inert and will protect well without fear of causing degradation or corrosion.

Innovative Packaging Technology - Watch Case

The highly regular cell structure of Azote foams not only gives exceptional consistency and depth of colour. It also enables the material to be converted by a whole range of fabrication techniques including slitting, sawing, machining and thermoforming with a high degree of precision. This processing flexibility allows prototypes to be produced rapidly without the need for expensive tooling.

Gucci Packaging

In 1997, Tom Ford, the Gucci style guru, sought the assistance of Cellutec, an innovative Zotefoams converter, when packaging the Gucci Envy fragrance range. In collaboration with Zotefoams, Cellutec accepted the challenge and between November 1997 and April 1998 produced 600,000 Plastazote pieces for Gucci packaging.

Gucci Packaging - Gucci Envy Display Pack

Since that time, Cellutec has supplied Gucci with some 10 million Plastazote pieces, in a variety of designs. Plastazote has become an integral part of the Gucci Envy image and is now considered a mainstream material for luxury packaging.

Azote foam is a high quality, tactile packaging material that has impeccable cushioning credentials, a unique combination of properties increasingly being recognised by other major international brands.

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