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Liquid Nitrogen Dosing / Pipe Systems

Vacuum Barrier Systems offers a unique range of vacuum jacketed lines and cryogenic transfer systems. From short flexible hoses to large plant distribution systems, from “do it yourself” mail order sales to complete turnkey systems, Vacuum Barrier Systems will provide the most cost effective solution.

With 25 years of experience in serving various European industries, strong links with installation companies in various countries and technical support from world leaders in their fields, we can handle small and large projects anywhere in Europe. In addition to transfer lines, we also specialise in specific cryogenic process equipment such as LN2 dosing systems for the food and beverage industry, LN2 circulation systems for molecular beam epitaxy, spraying systems for halogen lights manufacturing.

Liquid Nitrogen is Dosed - NITRODOSE®

A precisely timed drop of liquid nitrogen is dosed into the package before and/or after filling.The cold liquid nitrogen rapidly turns into nitrogen gas at room temperature and expels the air from the empty package and/or headspace-1g of liquid nitrogen yields 850 ml of nitrogen gas.This process provides reduced oxygen content to the package.

Applications for Vegetable oil, nuts, fruit juices, dairy products, wine and snack items:

Why Use Liquid Nitrogen Dosing?

PET Bottle and Thin-Wall Can Pressurisation or Inerting, Pressurisation and Inerting with Liquid Nitrogen

PET bottles and thin wall cans with controlled, high purity liquid nitrogen provides package strength to eliminate paneling and palletising problems and provides cost savings with the use of lighter weight plastic.

Inerting bottles and thin wall cans in modified atmosphere applications extends product shelf life, maintains product taste, color and freshness, reduces oxygen absorption and eliminates paneling.

Pressurisation for PET Bottles, thin wall cans and other package types, Controlled, high purity liquid nitrogen 

  • Package strength to eliminate panel and pallet problems
  • Manufacturer cost savings with the use of lighter weight plastic
  • Vending machine compatibility
  • Firm package for customer appeal

Applications in Non-Carbonated Beverages Vegetable Oil, Juices And Others

Inerting Bottles, Thin Wall Cans and Other Package Types

Inerting delicate products in modified atmosphere applications

  • Extends product shelf life
  • Maintains product taste, color and freshness
  • Reduces oxygen absorption by product
  • Eliminates paneling

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