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Die Coating Technology, Premetered Coating Methods, Slot Curtain and Slide Dies

More than 45 years of experience and know-how in the development and production of premetered coating dies have made TSE Troller a world leading specialist in the applied coating technology sector.

The company based in Murgenthal, Switzerland, has developed pioneering coating solutions which pave the way for the future. Our experienced and highly flexible team will be happy to give you the benefit of its exceptional quality and precision. Find out yourself.

TSE Troller Development Coater

TSE Troller brings you the benefit of unrivalled precision, tailored to your specific needs. Our coating dies designed exclusively for premetered applications satisfy practically all coating needs. We are specialised in value added, multi-coating and complex coating dies.

At TSE Troller we maintain secrecy about our own achievements and those of our customers. Our best reference is silence. Therefore don't ask about. But ask.

The name itself "The Troller Die" pays homage to the outstanding precision of our products. This precision permits a simple fixed operation with a minimum of defect rates. On this basis, economy is a natural outcome.

We distinguish between two die types:

  • SLIDE DIE + SLOT DIE and 2 coating methods:
  • BEAD COATING + CURTAIN COATING "THE TROLLER DIES" are available in widths up to 4650 mm.

Slot Dies - Premetered Coating Methods

Of all the premetered coating methods, slot coating can be the most demanding of die design and precision fabrication.

First, the internal manifold of the die must supply a uniformly-distributed flow to the coating transfer gap region. However, complex liquid rheology and/or significant flow effects may require the use of an optimized manifold design with varying slot length and cavity cross-section (coat-hanger design). Even with optimized design, excellent coating weight uniformity requires exacting slot depth uniformity.

Premetered Coating Methods

Slot Curtain Dies

Slot Curtain coating is an attractive coating method because several important process advantages are achieved. These advantages include a potential for high speed coating, a significant coating robustness with respect to web disturbances, and a substantial tolerance for imprecision in the clearance between die and substrate.

The design and fabrication of the curtain slot die, however, must be executed with high precision if excellent coating quality is to be achieved. The slot die lip region, for example, must have an excellent surface finish. It should also be designed in such a way that it resists irregular wetting along the lip and avoids the teapot effect. Furthermore, these lip features must be uniform across the die width. Finally, as with all premetered coaters, the production of a uniformly distributed flow via the internal flow manifold requires both optimal manifold design and excellent slot depth uniformity.

Slot Curtain Die

Slide Dies

Slide coating has been the multilayer workhorse for the photographic industry for many years and its use has been extended to other applications where excellent quality multilayer coatings are required. TSE has a long history of providing successful slide dies and slide coating stations to the world's most competitive coating companies.

For truly excellent coating quality, slide dies require a level of excellence in design and fabrication precision rivaled only by slot dies. The slide die lip region is critical. The die lip must have a capable shape, a superb surface finish, well defined corners and these features must be uniform across the coating width. Furthermore, the lip must be extremely straight. The geometry of the transition between the individual distribution slot exits and the slide surface is also critical in that it must allow disturbance-free introduction of the layer into the multilayer package flowing down the slide. Finally, as with all premetered coaters, the production of a uniformly distributed flow via the internal flow manifold requires both optimal manifold design and excellent slot depth uniformity.

Slide Die

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