Systech Illinois Develop Gas Analysis System for Measuring Trace Gas Impurities

Systech Illinois (Systech Instruments Ltd)

In response to customer demand, Systech Illinois have developed a new cylinder analysis system.

New Cylinder Analysis System

This new cylinder analysis system is capable of quickly and easily measuring trace gas impurities such as oxygen or moisture, which is essential for inert gas manufacturers who require every gas cylinder to be checked for impurities before delivery to their customers.

Where oxygen and moisture analysers are currently used for this type of application, the analysis process is extremely time-consuming. To purge the system from ambient air can take several hours or even days, which makes the analysis of many cylinders per day very challenging. Therefore Systech Illinois have developed a cylinder purge sample system.  The analysis of a cylinder to trace levels can now be achieved in minutes. The connections are simple with the ability to connect to most existing Systech Illinois gas analyser installations.

New Cylinder Analysis System
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