Revolutionary Transit Retail Display Unit Dolly Stacker from Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa UK

Europe's leading paper-based packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa has created an innovative new 'Dolly Stacker', which will for the first time enable corrugated Transit Retail Display Units (TRDU's) to be stacked - one on top of another.

The Dolly Stacker product has been developed to deliver substantial supply chain efficiencies. Its 'double-stacking' design offers a variety of logistical and environmental benefits including:

  • 100% greater vehicle utilisation during transportation – which will result in fewer delivery vehicles being needed; and,
  • Less storage or warehousing space being needed – which will provide improved space utilisation in retailers' regional distribution centres.

Retail Display Packaging Dolly Stacker Solutions

The Dolly Stacker design comprises of an assembled die-cut pad, which sits on a wooden or corrugated pallet to hold wheeled dollies securely in place. This allows TRDU’s to be securely stacked on top of each other.

The design is purposefully versatile in order to fulfil all TRDU’s requirements. It can handle single full pallet display or Unique Dolly Stacker design offers logistical and environmental benefits for customers and retailers

multiple display options including: one pallet, two half pallets, four quarter pallets or one half and two quarter pallets. Alternatively the Dolly Stacker can be made bespoke or customised to exact requirements - to fit different pallet sizes currently in use within major multiple retailers.

The Dolly Stacker is a reusable product, made from corrugated board and is 100% recyclable.

Richard Fishwick, Sales Director at Smurfit Kappa Abercarn said: “Due to the wheeled base of the dollies used in TRDU’s, it was previously not possible to double-stack these products. However, Smurfit Kappa’s new Dolly Stacker solution means we can now optimise transit and storage opportunities for transit retail displays. With an award winning in-house design team, we can offer bespoke Dolly Stackers to suit any individual TRDU requirement.”

Smurfit Kappa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of corrugated TRDU’s. The new Dolly Stacker product will further compliment the company’s extensive range, which incorporates a full range of standard footprint sizes.

All TRDU’s are manufactured from one piece of corrugated board with one single join, resulting in enhanced performance through the supply chain and unbeatable dimensional accuracy. A full range of print processes are available, including post print up to four colours, preprint, digital and screen print. Minimum manufacturing quantities start between 150 to 250 units.

For more information on the Dolly Stacker or corrugated TRDU products, please contact Richard Fishwick on 07970 060 044, email [email protected] or visit

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