The Bulk Handling Systems and Machinery Range from Easiweigh

The GSH Group

Easiweigh's bulk handling systems and machinery provide customers with versatile, stainless steel equipment appropriate for wet and dry environments. An experienced team of service and sales staff are on hand to offer full support for the Easiweigh range.

Each machine uses the Easiweigh 'Pulse' electronic control system and has an overload protected and enclosed loadcell weighing mechanism.

Bulk Handling Systems


The Titan Bulk Handling Machine

The Titan is a robust and flexible bulk handling system designed to meet the requirements of those who need to weigh many different products into designated pre-formed bags or sacks.

The system uses a customised clamp affixed to the loadcell weighing mechanism to hold each sack. A gating system guaranties accuracy through flow management in the product feeding process.

A vibratory feed system is standard on the Titan with gravity, screw or belt feed systems available depending upon the characteristics of each product. The Titan requires very little maintenance and can be supplied in a range of specifications with the capacity to weigh a maximum of 50k

  • Stainless Steel Structure
  • Heavy duty pneumatic operation sack clamp
  • Control options
  • Dependable and precise performance
  • Fill into any container type


Boxer Bulk Handling Solution

The Boxer automatic bulk handling system from Easiweigh uses a conveying process to index pre-made containers and cartons. The machine also incorporates a filling system and weighing device for added convenience.

Although the Boxer systems all abide by a series of general principles, each is designed and made to the requirements of, and parameters agreed with, the customer. The outlined specifications are simply a template. By using this method each machine is guaranteed to provide the best results for the application.

  • Weigh directly into preformed containers
  • Simple container size change over
  • Multiple feeder options
  • Loadcell weighing mechanism
  • Optional controls
  • Flexible


Easiweighs larget Bulk Handling Machine - The Ultra

As the Easiweigh range's largest bulk handling system, the Ultra's design is similar to that of the Maxi. However, the Ultra provides a broader feed system and the twin vibratory feeds come with dual drive heads allowing for increased throughput. This faster throughput enables the Ultra to weigh larger, heavier products efficiently.

The Ultra's enhanced features, from its larger size, to the loadcell used and the choice of construction materials, make it a robust solution for bulk handling. This has not, however, had any effect on the accuracy or finesse of the Easiweigh design.

  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Different control options
  • Robust feed system
  • Gates with pneumatic operation
  • Top quality components and materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable construction
  • Economic

Ultra SBS

The Ultra SBS Bulk Handler

The Ultra SBS draws on the success of the Ultra while developing its own features to suit customer requirements.

This bulk handling system uses a large bulk feed alongside a smaller fine feed tray. By using this system larger throughputs are possible without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning
  • Control options
  • Pneumatically operated gates
  • Compactly designed
  • Flexibility
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