Easiweigh's Range of Stainless Steel Automatic Weighing Machines

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Automatic weighing machines from Easiweigh provide the food and retail industry with a practical and low maintenance solution to product weighing, checkweighing and counting facilities.

An experienced team of sales and support staff are on hand to provide any necessary assistance and each of the machines are rated up to IP 65

Automatic Weighing Machines

The Maxi Automatic Weighing Machine

The Maxi is an automatic weighing machine designed to weigh a variety of product types up to 10kg. In order to reduce the consequences of off-centre loading, The Maxi's weighpan is suspended from a precision loadcell mechanism.

A highly flexible machine, the Maxi dual vibratory feed system can be supplemented with further feeders if required by the product characteristics and its contact parts are easily dismantled for maintenance and cleaning.

The Midi is considered to be the back bone of the automatic weighing machine range from Easiweigh.

It features a twin vibratory system as standard which can be expanded by a third feeder if required.
Fast and accurate weighing is achieved via a bulk and fine feed system, either in the front of a split feed tray or a fine feed shelf out of the bulk tray. Product control is further enhanced by level control probe(s) to ensure a consistent flow of product.

The Mini offers a flexible solution to product weighing with a single lane, twin vibratory feed system that can be operated both automatically or manually depending on your requirements.

The machine can operate with a variety of small piece products and is adaptable for use with damp produce which includes fresh fruits, salads and vegetables.

The Midi Automatic Weighing MachineThe Mini Automatic Weighing Machine

Duet, Quartet, Solo, Trio
Each of these automatic weighing machines are built around the idea of a complete automatic operation making them the ideal tool for filling cartons, containers, bag makers and indexing systems among other applications.

The Easiweigh range uses the 'Pulse' control system which incorporates bagmaker synchronisation alongside other features and facilities beneficial to industry. The weighheads on each machine are positioned next to one another on a single main frame sharing the discharge and infeed hopper chutes.

Differences between the machines are present in the number of lanes available with the Solo having a single lane, the Duet having two, the Trio three and the Quartet four.

Features of the automatic weighing machine range:

  • Removable contact parts
  • Overload protection of the loadcell weighing mechanism
  • Up to date control technology
  • Compact design
  • Robust and accurate performance
  • Vibratory feeders with encapsulated electro-mechanics
  • Flexible filling operation
  • Bulk and secondary feed for speed and accuracy
  • Simple operation / low maintenance
  • Stand alone to bespoke systems with full design capacity
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