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Automatic Balers, Trim Removal Systems & Pneumatic Waste Handling

Presona AB is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of balers with pre-pressing technology for efficient baling of the most varieties of material – from paper and plastic to household and industrial waste. The product range also includes pneumatic waste handling and extraction systems for the graphics industry, paper and packaging manufacturers and sorting plants for household waste.

The company is based in Tomelilla in southern Sweden close to the continent. The head office and factory are housed in modern airy buildings in which the working environment has been prioritized. We have an efficient production flow and cooperate with established suppliers in order to ensure quality at every stage. Presona’s safety and environmental awareness permeates into our work – our employees’ working environment must be safe (for example, we paint our equipment with water-based paints). It is paramount to us that the equipment we supply always offers the customer the greatest possible security.

Trim Removal Systems

Presona offers Trim Removal Systems. The total solution for rational and effective handling of paper rejects from print shops, paper and cardboard manufacturers and from the packaging industry.

Waste Handling Systems

The Presona Waste Handling Systems and extraction plants are always building on the same principle. Each specific plant is customized with respect to required air and material flow capacity, number of suction points etc.

Our turn-key system has numerous advantages: 

  • rational handling
  • better working conditions
  • energy saving
  • material recovery
  • better total economy

Stationary Compactors

Presona’s Stationary Compactors are designed to cope with heavy and difficult operating conditions and can work 24 hours a day – a real workhorse! It has a robust construction and great emphasis has been put on user- and service friendliness. Carefully selected and tested electrical and hydraulic components guarantee both reliability and performance.

Automatic Channel Balers

Compacting equipment for professional users. Presona’s wide product range and large selection of accessories not only equips you for today’s needs, it prepares you for tomorrow’s as well. Our Automatic Channel balers

  • consume a minimum of energy
  • are highly resistant to wear thanks to the unique prepress technique
  • form bales of optimum size and density
  • are easily operated
  • are mechanically reliable and guiet in operation
  • incorporate a high degree of safety in all components
  • offer safest possible working conditions


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