Stoneware Jars and Bottles Enjoy a Packaging Renaissance

Pont Packaging

Leading container packaging specialist, J&J Pont Packaging has extended its popular range of MKM stoneware products for the food and beverage and cosmetics industries with the introduction of new jar and bottle sizes in various design options.

Clay Vessels

Clay Vessels

Manufactured in Germany from a distinctive Westerwald clay material, these ceramic jars and bottles are the ideal solution for packaging high quality food and drink such as edible oils, mustards, beers or wines, as well as stylish beauty care products such as fine oil, soaps, creams and lotions. J&J Pont Packaging offers exclusive UK distribution of the full range.

The new products include Click stoneware jars in 125ml and 200ml sizes and a new long neck 350ml bottle. The range is available in a number of natural glaze colour options from matt to glossy and whilst the bottle is supplied with a cork seal, the jars are suited to nearly all kinds of closure types including PE caps and aluminium lids.

As well as the aesthetic appeal of the stoneware range and their sense of traditional ceramic craftsmanship, the MKM products offer very contemporary packaging benefits. They are food safe, acid and alkali-resistant, microwaveable and can be easily filled and air-sealed in any modern bottling plant.

Specialist sales manager, Mike Bogod commented: "Clay vessels are a classic method of storing food and beverages such as wine and oils and with retro packaging designs enjoying something of a renaissance, more and more manufacturers are opting for a stoneware range. The choice of colours, sizes and closure options now available from MKM make it a very versatile range of jars and bottles."

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