Three Little Balers Specialized in Small Waste Fractions


AB Orwak, the Swedish provider of compaction solutions, has recently launched Orwak 3115, the newest addition to its baler range. Together with Orwak 3105 and 3110 it forms a team of compact front loading balers, which are ideal for small volumes of packaging material. The three machines have several features in common.

Orwak Balers

Material selector

The new Orwak balers are equipped with a baler material selector for paper and plastic, which makes it easy to change the setting between high pressure and low pressure. For best result plastic foil, which contains a lot of air, should be compacted more slowly and with a lower press force than cardboard. When selecting “the plastic mode” on Orwak 3110, the press force is reduced from 4 to 3 ton. However, when you switch over to “the plastic mode” on Orwak 3105, the press force stays the same but the press cycle will be a bit longer, which makes the machine ideal for plastic compaction! 3115 also has good qualities as a plastic baler and it is prepared for cross-binding for extra stable bales.

Small is beautiful!

All three balers have a small footprint in combination with a low height, which make them fit easily even in environments where space is limited. Orwak 3105 and 3110 are of the exact same size, while Orwak 3115 is a bit larger to meet demands on higher capacity and increased bale weight. 

Orwak Balers
The little twins and their big brother form a strong team for small volumes of packaging material in the Orwak baler family!

The respective press forces for model 3105, 3110 and 3115 are 1.5, 4 and 6 ton in the high pressure mode. The volume reduction is in the range 5:1-10:1 depending on the baler model and the type of waste. Orwak 3105 produces cardboard bales as lightweight as 40 kg and with Orwak 3115 in operation it is possible to attain a bale weight of up to 60 kg by cardboard compaction.

Adjustable bale size

Personal preferences as well as internal and external logistics requirements differ and for a more flexible waste management, all three models offer adjustable bale height in 3 different sizes.

Compact Front Loading Balers

Autostart is a standard function

An autostart function as standard allows the compact front loading balers to start compacting the material as soon as the operator closes the door. It is a convenient and time saving feature!

Appealing design and user-friendly panel

The little twins and Orwak 3115 have a new appealing an almost identical design with transparent covers for the strap reels and a practical pocket for the operating manual.

Orwak 3115 Baler       Orwak 3115 Front Loading Baler

The easily accessible control panel has functions like a full bale indicator, a service and maintenance indicator and two temperature indicators.

The low temperature indicator is illuminated when the machine has not been used for a while and is cold. The high temperature indicator alerts you that the machine is overheated and cannot be run until it has cooled off.

Baler Control Panel

Convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies, retailers and rest fractions in the manufacturing industry are some examples of suitable application areas for this team of three little balers!

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