AMOTEK R168 Packaging Machine

OPTIMA packaging group GmbH

Useful all around - AMOTEK R168 is a packaging machine featuring a particularly wide scope of applications. The machine packages a broad range of consumer products into a large variety of plastic packages.

AMOTEK R168 Packaging Machine

Household gloves, disposable razors, socks or sponges...the AMOTEK R168 packaging machine always offers appealing packaging solutions. Customized to specific requirements, the machine produces the most diversified packaging types, among them plastic bag packages, with optional side gussets, with a handle, with Euro-perforation, and with plastic hooks or reclosable systems.

AMOTEK R168 Packaging Machine

Bringing the two elements of the packaging process together - product and plastic package - Optima's AMOTEK R168 uses product-specific feeder systems. Another factor enhancing flexibility is the range of optional packaging sizes, ranging from 50 to 290 mm in width, from 100 to 500 mm in length, and from 5 to 150 mm in height.

AMOTEK R168 allows cost-efficient packaging of value-added packages. The production of the plastic package directly from the film roll on the machine is cost-efficient. The machine's design focuses on avoiding unnecessary waste.

The new concept of AMOTEK R168 features servo motors. This step improved the machine's peak performance to an output of 50 products per minute. In addition, the new system offers a simplified format changeover. Depending on the individual customer-specific model variant, format changeovers take from 5 to 20 minutes as a rule, and in most cases can be set at the operator panel with little manual intervention.

The profound experience and expertise with over two decades of machine development has been applied to the new model. During these twenty years, more than 400 predecessors were sold for packaging the most diversified types of products.

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