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Liquid Filling Solutions, Dry Filling Machines, Paper Towel Packaging

The Optima Group has 3 main market sectors Pharma, Non wovens and Consumer. Optima designs and manufactures autonomous packaging systems for medicinal and healthcare products as well as paper products, foodstuffs, luxury goods, sweets, makeup, and detergents. The Optima Group's extensive experience in the market allows the development of customised, adaptable solutions for each application.

Liquid Filling Solutions

Optima Group offers a wide range of filling and closing solutions for pharmaceutical, diagnostics, cosmetics, chemical and food requirements. Using a variety of techniques depending on the products to be filled, our experience assists in choosing the correct equipment. We specialize in sterile liquid filling solutions incorporating isolation technology especially in the areas of syringes, vials and cartridges.

For cosmetics we fill by the use of volumetric piston, vacuum, rotary piston and flow meters and have a variety of closing systems for the luxury caps and delicate components. Puck handling with RFID chips are also used for quick change overs. For chemicals and food stuffs we incorporate flow meters and volumetric principles and have multi-stage filling and closing systems for screw caps, trigger sprays, pumps, push on and crimped caps. Machine concepts are linear and rotary, with monoblock or individual machines.

Dry Filling Machines

Optima provide a diverse selection of dry filling machines and dosing machines featuring volumetric and gravimetric weighing systems. Principles include: Auger dosers, Linear weighers, volumetric cup systems, rotary weighing and vacuum. Filling machines for rigid containers such as instant coffee, chocolate, and milk powders has been our history.

We now also specialise in single serve machinery for Coffee Pods and beverages, foods, spices, detergents, chemicals, petfoods and any dry products. The single portions can be individually wrapped in sachets. One particular area of expertise is in the area of water filters. This requires a multi discipline machine with assembly of components and dry product filling. Innovations such as the Soft Can, Combi-stick Stickpack machine, Functional Closures and Snapsil have enhanced the current machinery range.

Paper Towel Packaging

Together with partner business, Amotek s.r.l., Optima are at the forefront of the soft disposables industry offering high quality paper towel packaging, as well as packaging for (Diapers) nappies, sanitary pads, tissue paper, cotton wool, wet wipes and other hygiene products.

Optima Group's semi- fully-automatic packing machines can transport products for packaging, then stack, tally and compact them before bagging them up for storage and retail. Handling soft products from the converting process into packaging solutions is Optima. Packaging solutions for pre-made bags as well as wrapped from a reel. Optima offer solutions to bundle and wrap for transport as well as the primary package.

First Aid Packaging


Optima Packaging Machinery offer comprehensive converting and packaging systems for healthcare and medical applications with particular experience in wound dressings, transdermals, plasters and patches. Techniques such as Radio Frequency, Ultrasonics, and adhesives are used for welding and shaping. Perforation, lamination, cutting processes are utilised to convert from a base material into a finished medical product. These can then be pouched or packed in thermoformed blisters and finally cartoned.

As well as first aid packaging products, the company offer automated laboratory equipment for micro plate handling and with our extensive liquid filling knowledge we offer washing, coating, controlling, verification, incubation, drying and stacking. Syringe pumps and micro-dosing give accuracies above that required by the industry. BUS technology allows us to have a true modular and automatic configuration. Optima can assist in offering an automated laboratory process.

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