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Pally and Lid System

Loadhog manufacture and supply a range of packaging solutions designed to make the process of transporting and storing goods, within the packaging industry, an easier and more cost effective task.

The pally and lid system combines two of Loadhog's most innovative products, the Pally and the Loadhog Lid, to create a stackable unit with the stability of a pallet, manoeuvrability of a trolly and security of a locked unit, without the use of unnecessary materials.

The pally and lid system is an ideal solution for handling and moving materials; and a perfect alternative to roll cages & standard pallets.

The Pally and Lid System

The pally and lid combines the best in packaging solutions to create a transport system which is both convenient and cost effective to use.

The pally features a foot press within its design which shifts the load from the floor to four concealed wheels with minimum effort from the individual. While bringing a degree of convenience that traditional pallets lack, the pally can be used as a normal pallet within production lines, warehouses and distribution centres. However, the integrated wheels enable it to be easily transported by one person, without the need of a forklift or pump truck - though these are still compatible.

The added wheels do not compromise the stability of the pally either as, once retracted, the load sits on the bearers and remains stable during transport and storage.

The lid further enhances this design by providing a self securing cover which fastens the load using retractable straps. The process of securing the pally and lid takes a matter of seconds and requires no complicated training. The lid eliminates the need for additional materials or equipment and is strong enough to allow double stacking of units.

Once finished with, the pally and lid system can be disassembled for easy return to the distribution centre
by stacking each part vertically (maintaining a half euro footprint), within the vehicle.

Stacking the Pally and Lid SystemLoadhog's Packaging Solution

Benefits of the Pally and Lid System

The pally and lid system's design has been created to provide a wide range of industries with an improved solution for the transport and securing of goods. These industries include Automotive, Retail, Postal, Healthcare and many more.

By adding wheels to the traditional pallet the system allows for quick and easy loading on and off of vehicles as well as faster replenishment of goods, whether it is in store or along a production line. This is due to the wheels enabling the pally and lid system to be transported directly to the point of drop off and eliminating any need for double handling of products. By making the wheels retractable and transferring the load to the bearers, the pally provides a stable platform for storage and during transit.

A big focus for Loadhog is the importance placed on environmental friendliness. The pally and lid system is a reusable solution which can be sent back and forth between various sites, or recycled to create new products. The lid is also secured through the use of retractable straps which means there is no need to use plastic wrapping or strapping which causes unnecessary waste and is often not biodegradable. Both products together are also very low maintenance, helping companies to reduce their environmental waste as well as their out going costs

One of the big advantages of the pally and lid system is the increased vehicle fill it can achieve. Its design maximises the cubic fill of the trailer and the Lid allows double stacking if the payload accepts the additional weight.

Compared with traditional roll cages, the pally and lid system provides 42% greater vehicle fill, requires considerably reduced labour time when moving empties and is lighter, and therefore easier, to manoeuvre.
Against a wooden pallet, the system helps improve operational times by enabling each unit to be wheeled on and off the vehicle and reduces the need for additional handling equipment.

The pally and lid provides a reusable, recyclable packaging solution for many industries worldwide and overall it saves money, cuts labour costs and looks after the environment.

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