Integrated Pallet and Wheeled Dolly with Reusable Lid

Loadhog Ltd

An introduction to the Pally & Lid System


  • ... A pallet that combines the stability / stackability of a standard pallet with the capacity to become a fully mobile, wheeled unit with one simple foot pedal press
    • Immediately on demand with no additional lifting/manoeuvring equipment
  • ... being able to fully secure product to that pallet without any additional materials or equipment:
    • Immediately on the spot anywhere, in less than 15 seconds

Pallet / Wheeled Dolly with Self Securing Lid

A fully integrated two piece containment system

  • The Loadhog "Pally": A unique 800x600mm pallet, capable of lifting/lowering 500kg to become a fully mobile wheeled dolly unit with one foot press (and visa versa)
  • The Loadhog Lid: A re-usable self securing pallet lid, capable of fully securing a level load to any pallet/dolly without the need for stretch wrap or banding

Pallet / Dolly System with Self Securing Lid

Integrated Pallet and Wheeled Dolly

The "PALLY" Dolly: A "pallet" and a "dolly" in one unit

"Pally" Pallet / Wheeled Dolly

A totally unique 800x600mm dolly encorporating retractable pallet bearers

  • Capable of lifting a 500kg load from a pallet to a wheeled dolly and vice versa with no additional equipment
  • Ability to handle as a normal pallet with automation, production lines, forklifts and for racking/storage

Pallet and Wheeled Dolly

One pedal push transforms the pallet to a wheeled Dolly unit (and back again)...

  • A single pedal push at either end of the unit lifts the Pally and its contents into wheeled dolly form
  • Now functions as a fully mobile and manoeuvrable 800x600mm dolly unit
  • One further pedal movement and the load reverts safely to an immobile pallet

Key attributes

  • One pedal push to engage pallet / dolly form and safely lower again
  • Rated for up to 500kg load
  • No additional lifting equipment required
  • Actionable from both ends
  • Fully nestable
  • Optional handle available

"Pally" Stackable Pallet/ Dolly System

The load is then secured in less than 15 seconds

Self-Securing Re-Usable Pallet Lid

Using the Loadhog self-securing re-usable pallet lid:

  • Place the lid on the load
  • Draw down the retractable strap
  • Locate the hook under the Pally unit
  • Tension (& release) the strap with the inbuilt ratchet mechanism and repeat on the other side

Integrated Pallet / Wheeled Dolly Materials Handling and Containment System

Pallet and Dolly System FeaturesWith substantial operational benefits...

  • Lids & Pally can be used as a system or as a product in own right
  • Zero additional packaging materials or equipment needed
  • ZERO packaging WASTE is created
  • Reduced labour time and costs
  • Maximum load security & stability achieved
  • Zero additional securing, lifting or manoeuvring equipment needed
  • Maximum vehicle fill through improved cubage & secure double stacking
  • Complete & instant mobility on demand
  • Improved Health & Safety
  • Maximum flexibility

Other benefits include...

1) RFID can be integral to the lids and/or Pally unit
2) Security seals can be used to prevent any load tampering
3) Integral handles in the lid provide for ergonomic handling of lids and secure means to push/pull and manoeuvre a loaded Pally unit
4) Integral label holder
5) The lids are fully nestable for secure and space efficient storage / movement
6) Branded straps can enhance corporate identity

The end result?

  • A complete and fully integrated REUSABLE containment / materials handling system
  • A highly efficient way to handle & move goods through any process or supply chain without the need for any additional lifting, securing or handling equipment
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