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Leister Process Solutions offer a new range of hot air blowers. Two model groups are available in this range - the MISTRAL 2 / 4 / 6 PREMIUM, and the top-of-the-range MISTRAL 6 SYSTEM. All MISTRAL 6 devices are equipped with a maintenance-free brushless blower motor, making them perfectly suited to continuous operation. The MISTRAL 6 SYSTEM can either be operated using its integrated controls or via an external system interface.

  • Maintenance-free: Thanks to its brushless motor, the new MISTRAL 6 PREMIUM/SYSTEM hot air blower is perfectly suited to continuous operation.
  • Innovative: Using the "e-drive" operating unit, the air volume and temperature for the MISTRAL SYSTEM can be adjusted to suit every application.
    Fully-integrated: Main switch with integrated function pushbutton for programming (MISTRAL SYSTEM).
    Multifaceted: Can be operated as a device with integrated control or via an external system interface for integration into a closed-loop system (MISTRAL SYSTEM).
  • Informed: Display with user status information and programming (MISTRAL SYSTEM).
  • Innovative design: Special diaphragm for an even airflow distribution and an optimized, aerodynamic airflow velocity.
  • Integrated: Thermal probe in the MISTRAL SYSTEM for enhanced precision.
  • Quick to connect: Thanks to the integrated air-hose connection adapter with its internal 1-inch thread, an additional adapter is not required.
  • Convenient: It is not only its state-of-the-art industrial design that is sure to impress, but also its convenient mounting tabs.
  • Automatic cooling: The MISTRAL SYSTEM is equipped with an automatic cool-down function. In the MISTRAL PREMIUM, the blowers and heating can be switched on and off separately.
  • Easy to switch: The MISTRAL PREMIUM can be switched from an internal to an external potentiometer. As a result, the temperature can even be controlled from the outside.
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