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Established in 1994, Bryce Corporation's Cyber Graphics is a pre-press company that brings complex design ideas into reality, blending design creativity with the technical requirements of flexographic printing. They tell us how GMG FlexoProof helps them achieve this.

While the challenge of designing a package is ensuring that it will sell product off the shelf, it is also important that the design can be printed. Cyber Graphics has a broad range of customers, focusing on brand owners of pet foods and snacks – such as popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, peanuts and cakes. To attain the high levels of quality they maintain a portfolio of the most recent color management equipment and technology. The company owns the latest Epson 7900 seven-color inkjet printer and the HP Z3100 with internal spectrophotometer, and GMG FlexoProof proofing software, for proofing designs and delivering contract proofs. They pride themselves in maintaining and creating highly accurate press profiles, allowing them to duplicate how a job will look when printed on press. These profiles are used by their GMG system when outputting digital color contract proofs. The proofs not only replicate the dot gain experienced on press; they also match the substrate.

GMG FlexoProof - Flexographic Printing

GMG FlexoProof - Flexographic Printing by GMG ColorCyber Graphics is a long-time partner of GMG and was an early adopter of GMG FlexoProof in the U.S. “We have always appreciated the accuracy of GMG FlexoProof and it does a great job, but we felt the user interface could be better,” comments Kevin Bourquin, Cyber Graphics prepress manager. “To be honest, we thought you almost needed a degree to install the software. It was complex and you really had to know what you were doing.”

New Interface Delivers Easier Installation and Use

“GMG really listens to our input, so when we heard about GMG FlexoProof o5 we were eager to try it,” says Bourquin. The new software is a completely revised version of the company’s highly successful and award-winning proofing products. Among industry experts, GMG ColorProof, DotProof and FlexoProof are well known as providing the best possible quality and color accuracy in contract proofing. The new ProofStandard technology in GMG ColorProof o5 ensures exceptional production reliability and provides many ways to save costs. The completely new user interface makes proofing easier than ever. Kevin was able to integrate the new software himself. He ported the old profiles without any problems and the output quality has been the same as it was with GMG FlexoProof o4.

“The installation was a dramatic change from our past experience with GMG FlexoProof. The technical support was terrific and the quality of the release notes and documentation was extremely helpful,” notes Bourquin. “GMG provided the software, a license for the dongle, and a manual. They basically said, ‘Let us know if you have any problems’. I was able to install the software, and got up and running with minor questions. The upgrade from o4 to o5 was almost seamless. It’s an easy system to use.” “We saw that GMG FlexoProof o5 features a rebuild of the core user interface. It really makes operations simple and is database driven. The relationships between profiles and proof calibrations are taken from the database. Any inkjet printer whose calibration deviates from the profile – or which has not been calibrated within a specified time – will not print, which means we save the cost of wasting unnecessary media and time,” explains Bourquin. Cyber Graphics still uses ProofControl – GMG proof verification software – when outputting their proofs, providing an assurance that a contract proof is within specified parameters. However, with FlexoProof o5, they are assured, even before they print, that their color is accurate and ProofControl will certify the proof. With the new Epson 7900 and the HP Z3100, Cyber Graphics can take advantage of auto calibration wizards using online spectrophotometers. “As manufacturers of inkjet printers update their new devices, GMG always seems prepared with new software to take advantage of the new features,” says Bourquin.

A More Productive Software Package

There are other significant new features in GMG ColorProof o5. Before, Cyber Graphics had to print files from Adobe Illustrator to its RIP engine to interpret PDF files correctly before sending them to GMG ColorProof. Now, with the Adobe Print Engine embedded in GMG ColorProof o5, Cyber Graphics is assured that it will produce a consistent interpretation of its Adobe-based RIP output. “Any process we can utilize with the Adobe Print Engine, while maintaining transparency longer, helps us output files more reliably and efficiently,” remarks Bourquin. GMG ColorProof o5 is driven by hotfolders, and with a bit of planning only one folder is needed to drive the entire system. For example, file-naming conventions can drive output to a specific workflow, based on criteria set by Cyber Graphics. They have five PDF profiles with different criteria, but GMG is able to recognize each one and direct each file to the correct workflow location. Cyber Graphics is also able to take advantage of process efficiencies. With their two printers, Cyber Graphics previously had to manually look at each queue to see which was available for printing. Now, ColorProof o5 will automatically monitor printer use and create proofs in a timely manner with no user oversight. Cyber Graphics can load balance their printers with a rules-based system ganging jobs together, saving paper and reducing waste. User intervention is no longer required to manage printer queues. “GMG has made a commitment to packaging in the U.S., bolstering their staff with people who know packaging. It’s great that we can work with someone who is totally focused on packaging,” adds Bourquin. ”There are a lot of companies developing inkjet RIPs that do not understand packaging. Others RIPs are geared exclusively to commercial printing.” “GMG gears itself towards maximizing workflow efficiencies for their customers and building advanced technology. Particularly now, with the current state of the economy, if we can take an operator away from managing a proof and allow the person to create quality separations, we can focus on value-added tasks,” concludes Bourquin.

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