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Focus Packaging Ltd has been trading since August 1999 stating as a general packaging distributor. Based in Wolverhampton it has developed into two interlinked sections, materials (consumables) and machines.

It realised that when just selling stretch films, clients were also interested in pallet wrapping machines as well. So instead of them having to match the films requirement to any machine by trial and error they could be their informed source of knowledge by offering quality films with the appropriate machine to best suit the client's needs.

They operate a client base that is spread throughout of the UK and Islands, and have consumable customers as far afield as Northern Ireland, Orkney Isles and the Channel Isles, with pallet wrapping machines sited in Jersey, Invernesshire and Cornwall, supported by technical service if required.

Our clients are food manufactures/distributors logistics & warehouse, horticulture and general manufacturing industries.

Products and services available:



Main products sold are pallet stretch film and pallet wrapping machines. Here they offer free of charge on site film and machine audit. This will establish if you are obtaining the best value and yield from your stretch film, and how efficiently your pallet wrapping machine is working.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

If you are processing £28000 stretch wrap, this Pallet Wrapping Machine has the potential to save you £7000 of material, plus the cost of the operator, say £18000 in its first year of use.

Alpha Super 7: The ultimate in pallet wrapping systems

  • Stand alone, remote controlled, fully automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
  • Does not need an operator
  • Just place the pallet on to the turntable. The machine will now do everything that your operator would have done

It can be equipped so that it makes horizontal cording, from the same film, at the same time, that it is wrapping the pallet load. This could eliminate, where appropriate, the need for:

  • Strapping
  • Corner supports
  • The labour required to apply these
  • Or just used to strap load to the pallet, without covering it in stretch film

Strapping Machines

Strapping machines have a use in most sectors of the economy from strapping the odd box to being integrated into the conveyor systems of manufacturing, food & drinks, distribution, logistics, retail, publishing & printing industries.

They can be adapted to straighten packs and compress them before banding ie cardboard cartons.

For the food industry they can be made from stainless steel.

Focus Packaging Ltd offer a range of table top, Semi-automatic and automatic Strapping machines.

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