Creative Packaging Solution for Sony’s EyePet

Burgopak Ltd

Burgopak & GR/DD create pop-up package for Sony's EyePet.

Burgopak & GR/DD have created an engaging pop-up package for a promotional version of Sony’s new augmented reality PS3 gameEyePet.

Sony EyePet

Resembling a house-shaped pet carrier, the package features an intriguing pop-up mechanism where the EyePetcharacter jumps up as the carrier opens from a hinged ‘roof’. The package expands entirely, presenting the contents – the game’s software, literature and hardware - in an enjoyable and organised manner.

Creative PackagingBurgopak worked on the Sony EyePet project in conjunction with graphic and interactive design agency GR/DD, who developed the pack’s graphics and initial pop-up concept. In order for the idea to be realised, Burgopak’s structural design team developed a simple linkage and friction lock that allows the internal surfaces to move through 90 degrees and lock to form a flat table where the contents are securely held.

Creative Packaging Solutions

In addition to solving practical issues, the mechanism contributes emotional value. The way in which the package opens is un-expected, strangely pleasurable and provides an endearing introduction to Sony’s first augmented reality based title to a particularly critical audience of pan European mainstream, game and children’s media journalists.

Recently named Design Company of the Year, Burgopak’s structural design team offers creative packaging solutions for a vast range of product areas.

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