Semi-Automatic Product Labelling TNC Type

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Labelling your products becomes a pleasure with our semi-automatic machines. For small to medium sized production jobs.

Semi-automatic product labelling TNC type

These systems provide an excellent alternative to a fully automatic machine. And the best thing about them is that up to 80% of the modules contained in the semi-automatic machines can later be integrated into a fully automatic one. The devices can be operated as a desktop version or as a system with a base frame of its own (mobile).

TNC Semi-Automatic Machines

The TNC series semi-automatic machines are available in a variety of versions and configurations and can easily be refitted for other products.
With these systems the products are inserted by hand.

Product labelling is extremely precise because flat or specially formed products are fixed in a format receptacle (partially mechanically adjustable to different products) and cylindrical products such as cans or bottles in a 3-roller system before the label is applied.

The labelling process is triggered by a micro switch, pressure switch, foot switch or by a light barrier.

Examples Of Applications and Configurations:

Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine
The Semi-automatic product labelling system is available in a variety of reel widths (100 - 300 mm) and dispenser widths (60-250 mm). As an alternative to the dispenser, a thermal transfer printer can also be used to print variable labels or to fill in
variable fields such as batch numbers or sell-by dates on preprinted labels.

The product is caused to rotate shortly before the actual labelling process takes place. Thanks to the 3-roller system the product is fixed exactly in position during the labelling process to prevent lateral off-set.


Cylindrical LabellingThe 3-Roller System

The same device can be used to process cylindrical products with a diameter of 10-100 mm.
For larger diameters BBK provides an extension package.
Possible applications are:
Labelling on cans, bottles, ampoules, cardboard tubes, wallpaper reels, vials and aerosol cans.

Labelling Tubes - TNC type

Tube Labelling
This semi-automatic machine was developed for labelling plastic and tin tubes. In this case the tube is pushed onto a mandrel. If required this module can be replaced by a rotating station for cylindrical products.
As soon as the labelling process ends the labelled product can either be blown out manually or by means ofcompressed air.
If wished the label can be applied in line with the tube cap or a print mark.


Labelling Flat Products from the Side - TNC-FS type

Labelling Flat Products
This version of the semi-automatic machine shows how flat products are labelled on the side. For this application microtitre plates are furnished with a pre-printed label. For this the product lies in an interchangeable format receptacle.

Depending on the number of different products, this is also available in an adjustable version.


Labelling Cylindrical and Format Products - TNC-RMFP type

Labelling Cylindrical and Format Products â' TNC-RMFP typeIn order to be able to switch fast between labelling flat or moulded products and from cylindrical products, this version of the semi-automatic machine was equipped with a mechanical shift unit. In this case the dispenser is shiftedbetween the units on guide rails supported by ball bearings.
Quick locks guarantee that the correct position for the dispenser - or for the label printer, which is available as an option - is found again quickly.

The labelling of cylindrical products takes place analogous to the TNC-RM type. Three-dimensional products arelabelled in a separate product receptacle by means of pneumatic label transfer station

Labelling of Flat and/or 3-Dimensional Products -TNC-FP type

With this type of machine the labels are applied by means of a pneumatic label transfer station.
The product is located in a format receptacle which is either identical with the outer contours of the product (in the case of form bottles) or it can be mechanically adjusted to different sizes for cartons or boxes.

Labelling Double and Single Cartridges - TNC-RMDK type

Labelling Double and Single Cartridges â' TNC-RMDK typeLike the TNC-RMPF type, this system is also suitable for labelling different shaped products.
On this system double and signal cartridges can be labelled on their circumference.
In the rotating station for the cartridges almost all cylindrical products can be labelled on their circumference analogous to the TNC-RM type.

The customer is free to choose the configuration of the machine and can select from the following components:
Origin of label:

Dispenser, thermal transfer printer or dispenser with installed printing equipment (thermal transfer printer, relief embossing unit, hot stamping unit, book print inking unit, laser, ink coding device).
Product receptacle:
Facility for cylindrical products, receptacle for format products for all-round labelling, receptacle forformat products or receptacle for flat products.
Depending on the system configuration and product properties, BBK decides on the right unit to transfer the label to the product. This can take place either by means of a pneumatic dispenser tongue for infinite height compensation of up to 30 or 50 mm, a magnetic dispenser tongue, a vacuum tape, a pneumatic label transfer station. Several product receptacles can be combined with one another.

The following options are still available to the customer:
Label presence control, printing presence control, label prewinders to hold larger label reels (350 or 500 mm outside diameter), mobile base frame with fixable rollers.


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