PET Packaging for Plastic Bottles and Containers

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

APPE is Europe’s leading manufacturer of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) preforms and single and two stage containers as well as being a pioneer of PET recycling in Europe.

The company is part of La Seda De Barcelona (LSB) and was formed in 2007 following LSB’s purchase of Amcor PET Packaging Europe.

APPE is a market-leader in the design and manufacture of PET bottles and containers for a wide variety of end markets including food, carbonated soft drinks and mineral waters, speciality drinks (dairy drinks, wines, beers, spirits) personal care and household products.

APPE has manufacturing facilities in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, Turkey and Greece and with sales support throughout Europe, is able to offer customers both a localised and pan-European service.

Manufacturer for PET Supplies &
Packaging Solutions

APPE has vast experience and supplies detailed packaging design and development of PET solutions for drinks packaging including carbonated soft drinks, mineral waters, dairy drinks, wines, beers and spirits. Our in-depth knowledge of these markets, coupled with our technical expertise, enable us to devise bottles tailored to specific customer and product requirements including oxygen barriers, UV light blocks and hot filling. Specialist in-house design facilities mean we can create bespoke containers to maximise on-shelf appeal and brand awareness.

PET Plastic Bottles & Food Containers

PET offers a number of key benefits in the design and production of plastic food containers. It is light, unbreakable and allows products to be clearly seen, while its design flexibility enables distinctive, eye-catching shapes to be created to help establish brand identity and product differentiation. APPE works with customers in the devising and manufacture of PET bottles and jars for a wide variety of food products, ensuring effective product promotion and protection. Hot fill, oxygen, moisture and UV barrier technologies are available.

PET Bottle Packaging for Personal
Skin Care Products

PET’s clarity, lightweight and resistance to breaking make it an ideal material choice for the packaging of personal care products. APPE offers both standard and bespoke PET bottles and jars for a wide variety of products including shampoo, skin care, hair care, oral care, creams and lotions. Complex, eye-catching shapes can be created to help products stand out in crowded and competitive markets.

Household and Industrial Plastic Products

PET is a very versatile material for the creation of plastic bottles and containers for household and industrial plastic products. APPE’s technical and design expertise ensure that in every case the finished pack meets customer and product requirements. Attractive designs maximise your brand’s presence on the shelf while the lightweight and other consumer convenience properties of PET underline its popularity, especially for the packaging of detergents, laundry products, softeners, cleaning & trigger bottles and paint containers.

APPE Centre of Excellence
APPE has a dedicated team of designers at its Centre of Excellence in Brecht, Belgium. They combine creative flair with a practical knowledge of what can and cannot be produced efficiency and cost-effectively in PET. The Brecht facility includes Research and Development laboratories, highly skilled research staff and a pilot manufacturing operation, all of which allow new PET designs to be trialled effectively and refined before moving to full-scale production.

Food & Drink Products with Barrier PET Technologies

APPE offers a number of market-leading barrier PET technologies to meet the requirements of a wide variety of products.

AmGuard™ multi-layer barrier PET technology provides improved barrier performance against oxygen and carbon dioxide. This technology has enabled numerous food and drink products such as juices, spritzers, speciality waters, sports drinks, beers, sauces, ketchups and mayonnaise, to be packed in PET.

AmGuard™ bottles comprise a three-layer construction incorporating APPE’s Bind-Ox™ active scavenger middle layer to help prevent oxygen ingress and carbon dioxide loss. Alternatively, the bottles can have a passive middle layer when carbon dioxide loss prevention is required, and a passive oxygen barrier is sufficient.

APPE also offers a single layer barrier solution. MonoBLOX™ is a monolayer scavenging material combining active oxygen and passive carbon dioxide barriers. Specially-developed manufacturing techniques enable the barrier to be incorporated into the bottle while maintaining the clarity of PET, allowing products to retain high visibility on shelf to promote and enhance a quality brand image.

Another innovative new technology is Xamos™, which has allowed the development of the first monolayer plastic bottle for long life milk. Xamos™ achieves an extremely high opacity at a low thickness that has never been possible before with monolayer PET, allowing the bottles to deliver a four-month minimum shelf life for UHT milk.

For powdered products, AmDry™ provides an effective moisture barrier to maintain product flow and prevent products from clogging up and sticking together.

Hot Fill PET Plastic Bottles and Containers in the Food Industry

APPE offers a variety of solutions within the food industry for hot fill PET bottles and containers for products such as juices, isotonic drinks, jams, jellies, sauces and soups. The company was the first converter to offer heat-set pinch-grip bottles, incorporating a patented, crystallised finish. These offer filling temperatures of up to 85°C, whereas previously deformation of the bottle would occur at around 60°C.

This technology was further developed with the introduction of wide mouth heat-set bottles and jars (up to 62mm diameter), pasteuerisable PET containers and fully retortable PET containers.

Latest innovations include the introduction of a non-crystallised clear neck for hot fill containers and the development of semi-panelled and panel-less bottles. The structural design of these bottles eliminates the panels or ribbing traditionally required to withstand high temperatures.

Refillable PET Bottles

APPE is a leading producer of refillable PET bottles in Europe. These bottles retain all the consumer benefits of PET – lightweight, shatterproof, easy handling – while allowing approximately 20 trips. Bottles are produced in special grade PET to enable multi-trip usage, weighing significantly less than glass equivalents.

PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling

APPE pioneered the processes of recycling PET containers with its technologies for producing SuperCycle™ and Nu-Cycle™ resins. SuperCycle™ is produced via a solid state polymerisation (SSP) process, which reverts a PET bottle into food-grade material that is equivalent to virgin resin. Nu-Cycle™ is a slightly lower-grade material that is suitable for non-food applications such as strapping and fibres.

APPE’s dedicated recycling plant in Beaune, France, is able to produce 24,000 tonnes of resin pellets from over 31,000 tonnes of post-consumer PET, equivalent to approximately 700 million PET bottles – 17,000 tonnes of this material is SuperCycle™ material, opening up excellent opportunities for PET bottle to bottle recycling for leading manufacturers.

The advanced PET recycling technology is capable of efficiently and consistently recycling both mono and multi-layer PET and in amber and other colours as well as clear, enabling mixed PET to be collected from the waste stream.


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