Foiling the Competition

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Sophisticated packaging design has led to increased use of foils by folding carton manufacturers as brand manager rethink the presentation of their products. API Foils explains how the industry is benefiting from innovative packaging design.

âGood packaging assists the buying process,â states Olivier Dubly, business manager for API Foils French operations. âThe competitive pressure at point of sale has significantly increased, with a decreasing number of brands on the market leading to a sharper focus on brand leadership for existing products. As a result, Marketeers need to be even more creative in their product positioning and the challenge to differentiate between products on a shelf begins at design stage.â

There is a large range of packaging options available to the market, including foil lamination and stamping, the popularity of these techniques reflecting their success. Holographic foils in particular have benefited from the advancement in technology and processing methods that allow them to be applied to a range of packaging materials.

Holographic foil is viewed primarily as a premium effect that visually enhances the value of a product. Many companies are using holographic foil as an integral part of an existing brand for example Colgate Palmolive, whereas others are using it as a medium to increase shelf appeal as part of a short term promotion. Cereal manufacturers in particular have notable success in this area.

2) Colgate Palmoliveâ™s decision to use holographic foil on the packaging of certain products was prompted by a range of requirements, including the reinforcement of their high quality and the development of the brandâ™s position in a highly competitive marketplace. The strategy has been hugely successful, with sales of its brands utilizing holographic foils exceeding expectations.

âUsing holographic foil on the exterior box has helped the cartons to convey a strong and positive image of the product inside,â continues Dubly. âThe value of holographic foil is that it catches the eye.  By incorporating it into the packaging, however small the application may be, reinforces the perception that the product inside is high quality and therefore, customers are more likely to make a purchase. However, it is essential that the quality of the foil matches the rest of the packaging, otherwise the desired visual impact will be compromised.â

API Foils provides a comprehensive service to printers, giving information at the design stage regarding the application process and the effects that can be achieved by using different foils on different substrates. If a foil is not applied correctly, the finished result can appear patchy with the foil flaking off. This can significantly impact upon the perception of quality and will lose business.

API Foils not only uses its pre-sales expertise to recommend best processing, printing and application specification but also has a dedicated market support department to monitor the ongoing progress and quality control of each project.

3) âHolographic technology is developing rapidly, with brand managers realising that it is a valuable tool in the merchandising battle,â concludes Dubly. âWe offer an innovative range of standard patterns that can be customised to individual requirements, or we can develop bespoke designs to order via our holographic origination business Chromogem.â

Packaging has migrated from its functional roots to its current position of both an effective design and advertising medium for a range of products. The use of holographic foils on folding cartons in particular, has increased as brand owners realize their potential in the struggle for brand superiority.

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