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How to secure your goods against Counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is no longer restricted to bank notes, cheques and bonds. Products such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco products and luxury goods like liquor and perfume are now commonly copied.

High End Security Printing Software

Counterfeiting business already represents 9 % of the world trade. Various sources state that the annual growth rate of counterfeiting may be as high as 20%. More and more companies are now confronted with counterfeiting which dilutes the value of their brand assets.

Agfa Graphics developed software solutions for the high end security printing industry and used this experience to build a software solution for brand protection and other general protection applications, named :Secuseal.

AGFA Security Key

Counterfeit-Sensitive Goods

:Secuseal is an Adobe Illustrator CS plug-in offering the producers of counterfeit-sensitive goods the way to protect their products. The security design is easily created, leaving space for the creative touch of the designer.

Traditional artwork can be fluently combined with the very complex and hard-to-copy :Secuseal designs. A perfect combination between beauty, integrity and security.

The :Secuseal tools are used to create complex designs and backgrounds, all by the use of tool dependant parameters. The security creations of each operator becomes even more unique and difficult to counterfeit, if multiple :Secuseal tools are combined.

Security Design Modules

:Secuseal contains four security design modules. They are based on generating special rasters, backgrounds, patterns and relief lines:

  • Special rasters
    Generates multiple raster objects out of different designs.

Special Raster Security Pattern

  • Path definition
    Creates sophisticated backgrounds based on custom
    defined mathematical parameters.

Path Definition Security Printing

  • Crystal patterns
    Creates complex patterns based on the reflection
    of crystals.

Crystal Patterns

  • Quick background
    Generates very fine relief lines that follow the density
    of the image exactly.

Quick Security Background Generation

:Secuseal highlights:

  • Powerful plug-in for Illustrator with integrated security features
  • Easy-to-learn and creative security designing tools
  • Fits almost any workflow
  • Supplied by one of the leaders in security design
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