Sustainability and Innovation Awards for APPE Bottles


APPE, a major supplier of PET packaging products, and part of the LSB group, has been awarded two much sought-after Liderpack Awards for its mineral water packaging products in Spain.

Liderpack Awards

Font Vella rPET Bottle

Conducted by the Graphicspack Association in conjunction with the Hispac exhibition, the yearly Liderpack Awards recognise the latest innovations in point of sale materials and packaging in Spain. In 2011, the awards celebrated APPE's 2.5 litre aquaBona bottle and 6.25 litre bottle developed for Font Vella.

APPE's custom-designed containers are made from 25 percent rPET (recycled PET) plastic, which produce 12% less carbon emissions than virgin PET. The rPET products have similar performance and strength to standard designs, and product quality, flavour and hygiene are unaffected. The rPET containers are also 100% recyclable.

Both of the rPET bottles showcase additional technical developments. APPE's Font Vela packaging includes their innovative Contcatip preform base, stopping excess material from accumulating at the bottom of the bottle and decreasing its total weight. Added to a reduced wall thickness and improved bottle neck design, these properties guarantee that material is distributed optimally through the bottle, producing a low-weight packaging solution whilst maintaining reliability and strength.

APPE has commented that the reduced-mass bottles produce an annual decrease in carbon dioxide emissions comparable with preserving 15000 trees.

rPET Bottles

aquaBona rPET Bottle

APPE's aquaBona container also contains a light-weight preform offering additional savings in energy and CO2. The bottle also features various new design features for distinctive branding in the competitive marketplace.

The innovative rPET bottle features a recessed grip for ease of pouring and handling. The distinctive design has the additional advantage that it allows the bottle to be used straight from the fridge without requiring a jug. The container fits into a fridge door and can be stored horizontally or vertically for optimal use of space.

The business director of APPE Iberia, Jose Antonio Torres, explains. "We are very proud to be recognised by the Liderpack Awards. Both these containers ideally demonstrate how sustainable benefits can be incorporated into attractive and practical packs to deliver packaging solutions that meet both branding and environmental requirements."

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