VT Miltope

Rugged Computer Solutions

Founded in 1975, VT Miltope, a subsidiary of Vision Technology Systems (VTS), is a leading manufacturer of computers and computer peripheral equipment for military, industrial and commercial aviation applications that call for reliable performance under demanding environmental conditions.

Rugged Computers and Computer Peripherals

Our rugged computers and computer peripherals are genuinely tough – not merely commercial or industrial grade products resold with a metal wrapper. All VT Miltope products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are fully tested to stringent military and commercial aviation standards. Some VT Miltope products continue to support their missions 20 years after delivery – a key indicator that they meet and exceed operational requirements and life cycle performance parameters.

VT Miltope’s independent R&D design efforts have resulted in numerous Department of Defense contracts, including over 30,000 rugged computers, disks, and other peripherals for the US Army; over 12,000 TSC-750/750M rugged computers for MSD (Maintenance Support Device), the standard diagnosis and repair tool for military weapon systems and vehicles; Blue Force Tracking – Aviation and many other systems.

VT Miltope’s rugged hardware combined with extensive experience in integration, operating systems, communications and custom applications will provide you with complete system solutions to meet your computing display, storage, and distribution needs in any environment. VT Miltope provides solutions that work under the toughest conditions on the planet.

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