VT Defence

VT Support Services comprises of two main business units VT Defence and VT Critical Services.

VT Defence is the largest business in VT Group plc trading as:

  • VT Aerospace
  • VT Land
  • VT Naval Support

The former Lex Defence contracts - white fleet, Allenby Connaught and 'C' Vehicles have combined with VT Land within VT Defence.

VT Defence offers a range of market leading products and services summarised below:

  • In service support:
    • Integrated logistic support
    • Maintenance planning and management
    • Technical media, publications and documentation
    • Configuration management
    • Reliability centred maintenance
    • Continuous acquisition life-cycle support
    • Service engineering support
  • Supply chain management
  • Support data management
  • Logistics software solutions
  • Contractor logistics support
  • Post design services
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Fleet management
  • Human Engineering:
    • Human factors integration
    • Human factors training
  • Integrated training solutions:
    • Training consultancy
    • Course design and delivery
    • Virtual and synthetic training solutions
    • Academic training
    • Management training
    • Industrial training
    • Technical trade training
    • Overseas armed forces training
    • Civil training services
  • Facilities management
  • Project management
  • PFI/PPP options
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