eSim Games, LLC

Virtual Simulations

  • Simulated Land Tactics
  • Infantry Vehicle Simulation
  • Desktop Training Simulator
  • Simulation Control Unit

eSim Games LLC is an independent software developer of virtual simulations in a combined arms tactical context, specializing in fire control systems of armoured fighting vehicles. Initial development on Steel Beasts started in 1995. The first game version was quickly adopted by a range of military customers, for whom numerous customizations were developed. These were combined and released as the now current product line, Steel Beasts Professional.

eSim Games has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, with an additional office in Hannover, Germany. Primary customers include the land forces of Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Sweden, and The Netherlands, with additional customers in the Americas and Europe.

Steel Beasts Professional: Virtual Simulations for Crew Procedure and Tactical Training

SB Pro is a vehicle-centric virtual simulations of combined arms combat from battalion level down to individual crew stations. Tactical elements include offensive and defensive engineer options, air support, mechanized and air mobile infantry, artillery support, electronic warfare, air defense, medical evacuation, UAVs and UGVs, and more.

The integrated map and mission editors provide easy generation of training content. The AAR module provides a detailed break-down of all events including gunnery analysis and logistical footprint (ammunition and fuel consumption).

eSim Games has successfully modelled fire control systems for IFVs ASLAV-25, CV90/xx (Bofors), M2/M3A2 Bradley, Pizarro, and MBTs Leopard (SABCA), Leopard 2 series (Wegmann), M1A1 (Textron).

Steel Beasts Professional PE: Virtual Simulations for Tactical Education

SB Pro PE is very similar to SB Pro but tailored to the requirements of distributed learning and self education. The low-cost COTS solution is ready to run on contemporary PCs and notebooks with 3D accelerator graphics cards.

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