Typical Enquiries for Military Industry

Below are real enquiries received by our military customers. We aim to get global requests from people looking to buy military, air force and navy equipment. Join our military network today and see what we could do for you.

  • I received a request from a International Customer for the supply of 150 APC vehicles. The restriction is that the vehicle unit price should not exceed US$220 000 and should be able to carry 10 x troops with a B6 ballistic and 7 kg under the hull and 14 kg under a wheel blast protection. Rudi Stoltz
  • To whom it may concern; Please provide an official quote for 10 x ISU-96RC Refrigerated Insulated Container - 1-Door. Please include freight in your quote. Master Sergeant, US Army
  • We are looking for a partner that produces the chemicals used in multi-spectral smoke. Can you be of any help? Your assistance will be very much appreciated. Thanks Title Software Developer, Sprint Nextel
  • Good day We are CADDIN company from Peru, we are very interesting in your products. Please send to us your e-mail in order to made you a request. Thanks in advance. General Manager, Caddin Sac
  • Please submit your lowest price for a complete unit of Shrike Exploder with accessories. Sales Manager, Clover Chemical Industries (pty) Ltd
  • I would like to buy one of the powervamp Nato 200 Where do I buy from and how much are they? Director, Ferguson Transport
  • Dear Sir Good Day. We have been in the International Trading business with a great reputation since long. We are pleased to inform you that, Bangladesh Police purchase following items through tender.- 1) Bomb Locator 2) Portable Explosive Detector 3) Disrupter 4) Disrupter cartridge/bullet 5) IEDD Responsive Vehicle 6) Portable IEDD Container 7) Explosive Detector 8) Mine Metal Detector 9) Porder 10) Long distance explosive detector 11) Bomb Suits 12) Mobile X-ray Now we are requesting you please provide us the price and technical specification of above items. Because we want to introduce your products in Bangladesh police. Should the mentioned items be within your limit of Service, Please contact us. Sr Executive Sterling Multi Technologies Ltd
  • Hi I am an ACF Officer that cannot fit any of the std clothing line sizes. As such I use the special measure service. I used to be able to contact Cookson & Clegg direct and order special measure clothing at the std army contract price, as this was much quicker and easier than ordering through the special measure system and I did not mind paying for my kit. Is there anybody within Cooneen's that I could talk to about using the same service? My 95's are now starting to look shabby, and although I have submitted a special measure request I suspect it will take some time to get to you. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards ACF Officer
  • We need detailed information regarding your removable hard drive. please call. MSS Maintenance Engineer The Boeing Company Secure Border Initiative Network (SBInet) BOEING, MSS Maintenance Engineer
  • I'm responsible for any ISMT training that goes on but don't know who to reach. I have a few questions about the ISMT we have here. Such as going about getting new SP3s since we only have one at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Cpl, Detachment Skopje, Macedonia
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