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Nuclear Radiation Measurement and Monitoring

  • Vehicle Monitoring System For Radiation

TSA Systems develops and manufactures high quality monitoring and detection systems for nuclear materials. The company offers effective detectors for gamma radiation, neutron radiation and combined detectors for both neutron and gamma radiation. TSA detectors are capable of detecting low levels of weapons grade plutonium to meet ASTM, ITRAP and GOST standards.

Based in America, and established in 1961, TSA Systems has five decades of experience in the production of SNM portal monitors. TSA has taken part in a great number of formal tests and product evaluations. They have been working with ASTM International to develop and uphold standards for radiation detectors and monitors.

Nuclear Radiation Measurement

TSA Systems, Ltd. offers a wide range of nuclear radiation measurement and detection systems. These systems can be manufactured to detect gamma radiation only or gamma and neutron radiation. Pedestrian walk-through portal monitors allow the effective detection of special nuclear materials. These units are often installed at border crossings, train stations, and airports. Vehicle monitors are available for cars and buses. Train monitors have larger detectors to accommodate the wider spacing associated with trains as well as some ports with trucks hauling cargo containers.

Conveyor monitors are also available for the scanning of items on a conveyor belt. These units are commonly used at airports to monitor luggage, at postal facilities to check mail, and at manufacturing facilities to scan waste prior to its release to a landfill. TSA's MDS (Mobile Detection System) is a skid mounted set of detectors that are installed in a van. This system is designed to be driven through areas where there are suspected radiation sources, parked along roads for the monitoring of passing traffic, or parked near border crossings and used as a check point to detect smuggled radioactive items.

Portable Radiation Detectors

Portable Radiation Detectors: PRM-470CG

The PRM-470CG portable radiation detector is a highly effective hand-held device when pinpointing the location of radioactive sources. The device offers a choice of two alarm modes. In the Search Mode the unit will activate its red LED and pulse the audible at a speed that will increase as the device gets closer to the radioactive source. This mode is effective when searching a large area in order to get an initial alarm indication.

The second alarm mode is the Find Mode. In the Find Mode the unit’s audible will increase in pitch as the device gets closer to the radioactive source. This is effective in providing a quick and final pinpointing of a radioactive source no matter where it is located.

Automated background updates and self-diagnostic testing are also features of the PRM-470CG. This ensures the device is fully functional and ready when it is deployed. The operational parameters for the device can be set through the unit’s keypad or through a computer. The unit’s keypad can be locked to prevent unauthorized changes.

Nuclear Radiation Monitoring Software

TSA Systems RAVEN (Radiation Alarm and Video Event Notification) software allows both simple recording and playback of video footage from radiation detection events, and easy storage of detector data for analysis. The combined data and video images allow users to quickly identify the source of detected radiation and relay this information to response personnel.

The system offers both targeted information for users at a LAS (Local Alarm Station) and more sophisticated information for users at the CAS (Central Alarm Station). RAVEN nuclear radiation monitoring software can be used for radiological event monitoring for any of TSA's nuclear radiation measurement equipment.

Data and video can be transmitted over copper cables, fiber optic cables or wireless radios.


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