Transhield Inc.

Military Equipment Transport Protection

Transhield, Inc. specializes in custom-made covers manufactured from a patented ‘Shrinkable Fabric’™.  These covers can be used for over the road transportation and for short or long term storage.  Transhield began operation in 1994 and has locations in Elkhart, Indiana; Texas; Mexico and Europe.  Transhield currently has about 130 employees.

Shrink Covers for Military Vehicles

Shrink Covers For Military VehiclesTranshield, Inc. Shrink Covers protect military vehicles, boats, industrial equipment and powersports vehicles from abrasion and condensation damages.

Transhield custom-fit shrink covers serve as an alternative to conventional shrink-wrap for military applications, including military vehicles, boats, industrial equipment, small powersport vehicles and cargo. The unique and patented Transhield fabric consists of three layers: an outer layer that is UV-resistant and anti-condensation, a middle adhesive layer and a soft, fabric-like inner layer. With all three layers products are protected against the elements during transportation and storage.

Transhield covers are easy to apply and are custom-fit to match customer applications. With custom-fit covers simply install the cover, fix it to the product being covered and shrink it tightly. 

Military Equipment Transport Protection

Transhield offers protection for hummers, helicopters, trucks and other military vehicles using their AAD-VCI Delivery System. The AAD (Adhesive Additive Delivery) System delivers the VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) to protect products during transportation and storage and for other advantages over conventional packaging methods.

Transhield’s custom-fit covers match customer needs, from helicopters to specialized pallet covers. With the custom-fit covers less taping, tucking and folding are required. Transhield covers are made from Shrinkable Fabric™ and feature non-abrasive cloth-like lining to protect against damages. The outer layer of the cover is UV-resistant and is available in Bright White, Desert Tan or Olive Green.   

Boat Storage Protection

Boat Storage ProtectionShrinkable Fabric™ covers from Transhield protect boats during storage or transportation without causing damage to paint, plastic or other fine finishes. The unique, non-abrasive covers provide both indoor and outdoor protection and are reusable for a second season and removable for winter servicing. The covers protect boats against abrasion and condensation.

These are custom-fit covers and require less taping, tucking and folding than other packaging or covering products. Application only takes a few minutes per boat, simply install the cover, fix it to the boat being covered and shrink it tightly.

Shrink Wrap Covers for Metals, Machinery, Compressors and Industrial Equipment

Shrink Wrap Covers for Industrial EquipmentTranshield shrink covers suit a wide range of industrial applications including metals, machinery, compressors, large parts and other equipment.

Custom-fit covers are made from Shrinkable Fabric™ and feature non-abrasive cloth-like lining to protect finishes from damage. The breathable exterior fabric is water proof and reduces condensation.

These shrink covers are easy to apply and remove, and offer 100% protection, as opposed to spot protection.

Custom-fit covers with zippers, Velcro or other components make use simple. Heat shrinking the covers provides a tight fit so that the cover will stay on during transport or storage.

Powersports Storage Covers

Snowmobile Storage CoversSmall powersports like motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs can be stored safely and easily with Transhield custom-fit powersports storage covers. These covers are suited for indoor or outdoor storage and reduce abrasion and condensation. Transhield’s non-abrasive, cloth-like covers protect powersport products from damages to plastic, paint or other finishes.

Application is easy, just install the cover, fix it over the product and shrink it tightly. Transhield covers still allow access to the product while in storage and in many cases these covers can be reused. Covers are available in Bright White, Desert Tan and Olive Green.

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