Thales e-security

For more than 20 years Thales e-Security has been supplying security solutions and services for many of the most demanding customers around the world. Banks rely on us to secure their online payments. Governments rely on us to secure their national networks.

Thales e-Security is part of the Thales Group; a worldwide leader in electronics for the Defence, Aerospace and IT sectors with revenues in excess of €8 billion in 2000.

Stable parentage and an extensive track record of profitability combine to make Thales e-Security the company to transact business with.

Thales e-Security is at the forefront of designing hardware based security solutions to provide the high level of assurance demanded by Governments and Banks. Our innovative hardware platforms are designed to meet the need of global customers looking for assurance in their security solutions. Thales e-Security hardware products are based on a unique hardware platform, which provide customers:

  • Flexibility. The Thales e-Security platform offers flexibility of function and choice of algorithm, including AES.
  • Exportable. Unique architecture makes products easily exportable and provides peace of mind.
  • Security un-matched degree of tamper resistance.
  • Certification Thales e-Security hardware is fully certified by industry standards bodies, FIPS; CAPS.
  • High performance

These attributes offer our customers a unique proposition and enable Thales e-Security to build a product range based upon a single core platform - unique in the security industry


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