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When several athletes with different physical capacities are training together, the session may be too hard for one and too easy for another athlete to meet the goals of the training session. Suunto now gives the coach a helping hand to ensure that every member of the team is training at the optimal level for his/her capacity, elevating the team to its highest potential.

Suunto t6 Team Pack is a complete solution for situations where a trainer is managing sports activities involving a group of athletes. With the help of Suunto t6 team pack the trainer can maximize the results of his athletes training and monitor their progress. It is also well suited for personal trainers who want to deliver their clients the best possible outcome from their training.

Suunto t6 Team Pack consists of ten Suunto t6 wristop computers and a team version of the Suunto Training Manager PC software. The advanced heart rate variation analysis of Suunto t6 defines the actual effect of every workout and visualizes the training load of every athlete. The team software summarizes this for the whole team and provides the coach with comprehensive reports and comparisons of the team's training status. It also has simple functions for instant feedback to instruct and motivate the team members and allows remote coaching with practical emailing of workout log files.

Suunto t6 Team Pack will be available in spring 2005.

Suunto t6 is a new type of tool for optimizing physical training. Unlike conventional heart rate monitors that only measure the heart rate, Suunto t6 measures the time interval between heart beats and its variations to produce seven different body parameters, including the training effect. Suunto t6 has been on the market since summer 2004 and is now available with the Suunto Training Manager PC software in German, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

Suunto Peripheral Observation Devices (PODs) extend the functionality of Suunto t6. Foot POD is a speed and distance sensor for running. Bike POD turns Suunto t6 into a wireless bike computer. PC POD enables easy wireless data transfer between a PC and Suunto t6.

Suunto is the leading manufacturer of sports instruments for a variety of activities, including training, golf, skiing, hiking, diving and sailing. The company's focus is on sports activities where advanced measurement technology and data processing generate significant performance benefits for active people. Suunto, headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Helsinki-based Amer Group.

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