The AMBIT GPS Watch from Suunto


Suunto have launched the 1st real GPS watch specifically designed for mountain climbers, trail runners, hikers and backcountry skiers. The Suunto AMBIT combines 3D Compass, GPS navigation, altimeter and advanced heart rate monitoring suitable for everyday and mountain use.

Suunto AMBIT GPS Watch

Suunto AMBIT Outdoor Functionality

Explorers can see their position in multiple co-ordinate systems and choose waypoints to navigate with. Other features of the Suunto AMBIT include barometric sensor, original 3D Compass and track logging - keeping elxplorers updated on the weather conditions, altitude and location.

Suunto AMBIT Advanced Training Functionality

For the committed mountain athlete the Suunto AMBIT offers:

  • Heart rate monitoring, keeping you within your optimum training zone, with Peak Training Effect
  • Accelometer fused GPS (patent pending) giving highly responsive pace and speed with Suunto FusedSpeedTM
  • Recovery time, letting you know when you've fully recovered and ready for your next pursuit
  • Chrono
  • Manual and autolaps
  • Heart rate graph in real time*
  • Heart rate limits*
  • Heart rate zones*, Track logging and analysis in
  • Upload data to for analysis

*with optional Suunto ANT Comfort Belt

Suunto AMBIT Everyday and Mountain Exploration

According to six-time world mountain running champion Jonathan Wyatt the Suunto AMBIT has all the features a trail runner and mountain athlete need, in one unit. One main issue he has come across as an endurance athlete, is the battery life on sport watches with GPS .

With a lithium-ion rechargable battery that has an enhanced lifetime of up to 50 hours in GPS mode, the Suunto AMBIT does not have this problem. As with all Sunnto's dive instruments the AMBIT is water resistant up to 100m (328 ft) and is encased in a BuiltToLast casing with mineral crystal lens.

Register at tor Waypoint creation and storing, upgrading you Suunto AMBIT, analise data and alter watch settings.

Silver Suunto AMBIT GPS WatchBlack Suunto AMBIT GPS Watch

The Suunto AMBIT comes in a choice of black or silver and is available with or without the heart rate belt. To purchase one of the Suunto AMBIT GPS watches click here.

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