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Founded in Germany in 1870, Spekon has been designing and manufacturing highest quality military parachutes as well as sports parachutes and special textiles for more than 70 years.

Spekon is Germany's leading and one of the world's top 5 parachute producers. Spekon's parachutes are preferred by MODs and Gliders due to their excellent performance, high reliability, successful design and comfortable use.

In addition to design and manufacturing capabilities, the company is also involved in the R&D, Testing and Trade processes. In each of these processes, Spekon uses the highest technology, years of experience and know-how.

The company consists of

Aviation: Troop, Emergency, Cargo, custom-based parachutes, such as Mortar parachutes, Drag chutes, Helicopter cargo net, Helicopter under slang, A/C seat container, AC Net, A/C safety belts;

Technical Textiles: Special textile solution for different applications;

Soldier's Personal Equipment: Rucksack, bags, hip belt, etc.

Dry Storage Systems: Long term-humidity controlled storage systems departments.

Military Custom Parachutes

In the field of parachutes, Spekon offers complete and individual solutions for military customers including related equipment. Due to the company's design capability, Spekon is a qualified partner for customers which are looking for special textile solutions. We can design and manufacture customized parachutes and other textile products based on customer's specific preferences and needs.

Spekon's main clientele is based at the Aviation and Military Industry including Governmental organisations. These include MODs, Police Procurement Units, EADS, Defence companies, Cargo companies, some airlines, some train companies, etc. Export activities are running in 30 countries worldwide, some of which are NATO countries, Belarus, Brasil, Egypt, Finland, India, Japan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates.

Spekon products are known for high German quality, reasonable prices, on-time delivery and reliability.

Troop Parachutes

Different tasks and individual conditions require specific solutions.

Under that slogan we have re-designed our RS-Troop Parachute family.

As a result we offer a Modular System of Troop Parachutes based on standardized components Harness, Deployment Bag and Pack Tray combined with individually different Canopies.

Our steerable, manoeuvrable or non-steerable Troop Parachutes are well appreciated for excellent performance, such as low rate of descent (16 ft/sec), high load capacity and perfect comfort.

Due to our special design it is possible to have safe jumps even under complicated meteorological conditions where other parachutes are subject to grounding.

We care for customers' individual requests.

Accuracy Parachutes

SPEKON´s Accuracy Parachutes are well known for years for excellent performance.

A special design allows low rate of descent and direct reactions without timely delays.

Jumpers equipped with our accuracy parachutes class RL- won more than 40 medals on military and civilian World Championships.

The German National Team obtained twice the team accuracy competition at CISM 2003 and 2007 Military World Championship with the RL-16/3.

Military significance of Free Fall Parachutes with accuracy quality has been increased explicitly. Considering this, we also offer Precision Parachutes for military application in special configuration.

Dry Storage System

This is an alternative to traditional and cost intensive storing methods for military equipment.

The Dry Storage Systems are used for proper storing of any kind of technical equipment - e.g. Tanks, Trucks, parts of Aircraft or Helicopter, all kinds of spares- under controlled humidity condition with minimum of maintenance and manpower for long periods.

No cost-intensive preservation of goods is required.

Optimized storing condition between 40-50% relative humidity are realized by integrated dehumidifier.

Different systems in standard sizes are available for outside or inside installation. Customized solutions are possible.

Military Parachute Equipment

We aim to offer complete packages (full set of compatible items) and services for the parachute according to customers' individual requirements.

We co-operate with qualified partners for offering necessary equipment for paratroopers from top to toe.

Next to the parachute, our programme includes additional equipment like cargo bundle, weapon bag or oxygen systems, but also paratroopers' personal equipment, e.g Jump Suit, Helmet, Gloves, Altimeter etc.

We also offer services such as maintenance of the contracted hardware and training of the customer to qualify to use the hardware.

Helicopter Cargo Transport

Various equipment for different tasks are required for Helicopter transport operation.

Our programme includes Multi-role solution for transporting goods under helicopters.

Systems are available for payloads up to 2,500 kg, up to 6,000 kg and as helicopter outdoor net up to 9,000 kg.

SPEKON Sächsische Spezialkonfektion GmbH


  • Parachutes all kinds
  • A/C Safety Net
  • A/C Seat Container (textile)
  • A/C Safety Belts
  • Design / Manufacturing all kinds of technical textiles


  • ISO 9001 (2008)
  • AQAP 2120
  • EASA/LBA Part 21
  • EASA/LBA Part 145
  • Certified Supplier for German Ministry of Defence for Aviation Products
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