Doha Airport Contract

SELEX Sistemi Integrati

The new airport in Doha, Qatar, is going to be the first Large System realised by SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, in the ATC (Air Traffic Control) domain. The company will play a leading role, also as integrator of all the equipments for air traffic and meteorological control for the new airport.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati signed a contract with the New Doha International Airport (NDIA) Steering Committee for the value of more than 105 million dollars to design and provide systems for air and ground traffic control. The futuristic airport, which will be completed within 2015, will be able to host about 50 million passengers per year, 320.000 take off and landings per year and a plane parking for 100 aircrafts, included six Airbus A380 at the same time.

In particular, SELEX Sistemi Integrati will provide radars for air and surface traffic control, a complex control centre made of 36 operator working positions enabled for radar data processing and flight plans management, an automated system for departures and arrivals, a complete meteorological system, plus a computerized system for ground movements, navaids and ground sensors management. Besides, the company will supply a system for data transfer of all airport communications, which will be realised through the installation of an optical fibre ring, due to surround the whole airport area. All systems will be delivered within 21 months from the contract signature.

Air Traffic ControlAlready present in Qatar since early Eighties with the delivery of two radars and a control centre for the current Doha Airport, with today's signature SELEX Sistemi Integrati confirms its technological leadership in the ATC/ATM domain and its presence in the Gulf countries. In fact, the Italian company already equipped airports in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and Jeddah e Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The most recent contract signed by SELEX Sistemi Integrati in the Gulf area refers to the supply to Yemen of a VTS (Vessel Traffic System) system for coastal surveillance, which will contribute to the security along the Yemenite coasts.

A main door between the Western and Eastern world; an hub for intercontinental networks of its main company, Qatar Airways; a centre to deal with goods world traffic and the maintenance of all principal air companies along the east -west routes.

These are going to be the main functions of the new Doha International Airport whose first stone was officially set in January 2005. The new airport will cover an area of 2.200 hectares (5436,2 acres), in the Ras Abu Aboud territory, four kilometres East from the present terminal. The 40% of the area was recovered by a huge work which included the filling and coverage of waters along the Persian Gulf.

The project will be managed in three main phases. The first one will be over within 2010 bringing the annual airport capability at over 12 million passengers and cargo traffic at over 750 thousand tons of goods. The first phase completion will be contemporary to the delivery of the first two Airbus A380 planes to Qatar Airways (on a total of 18 to be delivered) which the new airport can host contemporarily, if necessary.

The second phase, due to end in 2012, deals with the implementation of 16 additional gates and an extension of the terminal building of further 219.000 square metres (261924 square yards), allowing to increase passengers traffic up to 25 million travellers per year.

The third phase, which is intended to end in 2015, will finally consent to the airport to host up to 50 million of incoming or in transit passengers per year, 320.000 landings and taking off and a parking for 100 airplanes, included six Airbus A380 at the same time. Into the cargo area it will also be possible to transport two million tons of goods.
The airport will also comprise a "Emir Terminal" in a dedicated area which will be used by the Royal family for State official visits. The area will also host hotels, offices, parks and shopping centres.

The realisation of the new Doha airport has been committed to the multinational company Overseas Bechtel Incorporated.

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