High Performance Electric Jet Diver Propulsion Devices

  • Underwater Vehicle Navigation and Electric Jet Motor for Underwater Access for Military Use
  • Underwater Vehicle Navigation and Electric Jet Motor for Underwater Access for Military Use
  • Underwater Vehicle Navigation and Electric Jet Motor for Underwater Access for Military Use
  • Underwater Vehicle Navigation and Electric Jet Motor for Underwater Access for Military Use

ROTINOR GmbH was established in 2004 with its research, development and production facility located in Stuttgart, Germany. We specialise in the production of SEABOB DPD (Diver Propulsion Device) also referred to as SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle), diving scooters for military and professional applications. These are now recognised as the worlds fastest and most powerful underwater scooters equipped with state of the art navigation and sonar technology.

SEABOB DPD products have been sold successfully world wide within the recreational market for over 5 years with sales now reaching over 3000 units.

ROTINOR GmbH has now taken the recreational SEABOB to a higher level by introducing the SEABOB BLACKSHADOW 730 and SEABOB DIVEJET 414, a more robust and technically advanced product for military and professional applications.

Diver Propulsion Vehicle DPV

As we are aware combat diving, especially in currents and rough water can be very physically demanding.

ROTINOR Diver Propulsion Vehicles DPV alleviates many of these problems. With the use of the SD 414 or the SBS 730, it gives the combat diver the ability to transport himself and his equipment to the mission area quickly and covertly.

Also it allows the combat diver to cover longer distances with less time exposed to cold water resulting in less fatigue, extra endurance and an increased time available in the mission area.

The SBS 730 has recently received a series of important and innovative modifications. These include new ergonomic control grips which now have power triggers on both sides thus avoiding fatigue in the fingers. The angle of the grips also adds comfort especially in conjunction with front re-breather systems. A new high resolution TFT display, extra attachment points for diver towing and rear quarter imbedded threads for equipment attachment. The vehicle has also received a complete new software modification.

Electric Jet Motor

The SD 414 and SBS 730 are extreme high performance diving scooters powered by an innovative Electric Jet Motor. The uncompromising use of quality components and special high-grade coatings has made this motor extremely robust and completely maintenance-free. During an endurance test over 10,000 hours of operation at full load, the drive mechanism demonstrated absolutely no breakdowns or reduction in performance.

The motor performance of the E-Jet-Power-System is controlled by 10 power settings. Hereby the operator can alternate between slow or high speed manoeuvres through the water. These innovative diving scooters are virtually silent and absolutely emission free thereby deployable in all waters.

Underwater Vehicle Navigation

ROTINOR Diver Propulsion Devices DPD feature advanced underwater vehicle navigation equipment.

For navigation in water the SD 414 is provided with a modern electronic compass navigation system, whereas the SBS 730 is equipped with modern electronic compass navigation system and active digital sonar technology, enabling it to be navigated optimally at high speeds, underwater and in conditions of poor visibility.

Military Diver Propulsion Vehicle


Rotinor will be attending DSEi 2015 and can be found at stand S6-376 for those in attendance. 


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