Ronin Protective Services (South Africa)

Ronin was established in 1995 and provide progressive Close Protection Training within the unique training environment which South Africa has to offer students (Real Firearms & Practical Paramedical Experience).

Our Director

Adv. Timm Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Philosophy, as well as a Bachelor of Laws degree obtained from Rhodes University. He went on to complete his pupilage and was admitted at the Eastern Cape Bar as an Advocate and held the rank of Inspector in the South African Police National Protection Service.

Adv. Smith has several qualifications in Close Protection, Paramedicine, the Martial Arts and Surveillance. He has trained members of Specialist Units within the United Kingdom Armed Forces, South Africa's Directorate of Special Operations as well as the South African Police National Protection Services, to which he remains a consultant.

He holds instructor’s, assessor’s and moderator’s accreditations with the Private Security Regulatory Authority of South Africa (PSIRA) as well as the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Our Staff

Our staff is made of specialist military and police service members. They are trained in-house to exacting and uncompromising standards in the art of Close Protection. Furthermore, they are engendered with a strong service ethic. They are also required to have a speciality to offer the program such as - sniping, linguistic abilities and paramedicine thus ensuring a value-added service. All have served on PSD's either locally or abroad and continue to do so.

Our Close Protection Course

The Five Week Modular Course includes:-

  • Threat Analysis & Planning
  • Proactive Skills
  • Advanced Anti-Ambush Driving
  • Tactical Paramedical Training and Special Weapons & Tactics

The course concludes with an Operational Evaluation by Ex-Presidential Bodyguards. The hallmark of our training program is the practical experience which a student gains whilst assigned to protective details on active duty within South African townships.

On successful completion of the course graduates are entered onto our International Internet Database and are given post course support.

CP Course Accreditation

PSIRA Accredited
Ronin was the first Close Protection Academy to be officially recognised and accredited by PSIRA to provide nationally recognised Bodyguard Training in South Africa.

SIA Accreditation
The accreditation of our Close Protection Program is pending with SIA. SIA envisages the accreditation of Close Protection Operators in September 2005. Our contact with them is ongoing and it is our intention to obtain SIA accreditation of our Close protection Program as soon as SIA is ready to do so. We already hold the equivalent accreditation with SIA's sister body in South Africa (PSIRA).

Accredited Ronin was the first Close Protection Academy to be officially recognised and accredited by POSLEC SETA as an Education & Training Provider within the Security Sub Field of Close Protection. The South African Police Services National Protection Services CP Course is yet to gain this accreditation.

The Police, Private Security, Legal, Correctional Services & Justice Sector Education & Training Authority (POSLEC SETA) was established by the Minister of Labour on the 20th of March 2000 in terms of Section 9 (1) of the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998.

In terms of the above legislation Ronin may provide recognised training in terms of the following National Unit Standards: -

  • Provide Close Protection to Designated Persons
  • Use of Firearms in Tactical Duty related Situations
  • Use of a Handgun
  • Use of a Shotgun
  • Use of a Carbine
  • Use of a Rifle

The cost of our training can be claimed back against the Skills Development Levy paid by South African Companies.

SA POLICE Accredited
Ronin is accredited by the South African Police Services Central Firearm Control Register to conduct competency testing & to give recognition of prior learning regarding competency in the use of Handguns, Shotguns, Carbines and Rifles for the purpose of obtaining valid firearm licenses for these classes of weapons.

ELCAS Accredited
Ronin has been accredited as an Approved Learning Provider by the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme

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