Cost-Effective Military Transportation and Storage


Approved Vendors to the IDF, MFO and other Military Customers

Approved vendors to the IDF, MFO and many other military customers, Plasgad is Israel’s leading plastic material handling product manufacturer with more than 30 years’ experience supplying plastic pallets, crates, bins and tubs for many military requirements. Plasgad conducts regular audits to ensure consistent high-quality products assured by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard, backed up by prompt reliable supply.

Transportation and Storage Crates, Bins and Tubs

Now every cost is being studied, without compromising tough quality and reliability, Plasgad’s extensive range of plastic pallets, crates, boxes, trays, tubs and bins are proving to be a worthwhile cost-effective alternative for logistics transportation and storage of supplies.

Military Flame Retardant, ESD, Anti-Static Transportation Pallets Transportation and Storage Crates, Bins and Tubs

Military Flame Retardant, ESD, Anti-Static Transportation Pallets

Plasgad’s plastic pallets are made by specially adapted structural foam technology, making them stronger yet lighter thanks to the bubbles of air (from the Holy Land!) inside the plastic. The recycled HDPE and PP raw material used is carefully sorted, cleaned and processed in-house before being injection moulded into pallets with UV additive. Pallets from virgin raw material, with flame retardant, ESD, anti-static additives or food grade certification are also available.

Plasgad also manufactures a wide range of tough heavy-duty plastic crates, boxes, tubs, trays and bins for military applications world-wide for use in supply storage, in the field and also for special applications.

Plasgad’s plastic pallet range includes nestable one-way export pallets in both 1000x1200mm and 800x1200mm Europallet sizes, medium range and heavy duty logistics pallets, and specials.

Over the last year Plasgad has further improved and increased production capacity by investing in 3 new top-of-the-line robot-assisted injection moulding machines, and has also upgraded moulds of many of the popular items. Delivery time is fast, backed up by efficient customer service.

New in the pallet range is a full perimeter 1000x1200x150 mm plastic pallet, the 140, nicknamed “Costcutter” because of its revolutionary strength at such a low weight. Less than half the weight of competitive wood and other plastic pallets, the “Costcutter” is designed for a static load of 3600 kg and dynamic load of 1200 kg, with racking capacity of 1000 kg up to a month. Advanced design features include full 4-way entry suitable for use with pallet jack, fork lift or automated system; 3 safety rim options: regular 5 mm; high 250 mm or without; anchor for stretch wrap to save time and money; optional anti-slip rubber inserts; RFID ready.

Plasgad’s sales and technical support team is readily available to advise on which products are most suitable for each application. Plasgad’s products are engineered for efficiency which results in economy.

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