Serenity Hearing Protection Technology

Phonak Communications AG

Serenity by Phonak is a family of cutting-edge hearing protection systems that are suitable for every operational and work environment.

Serenity is a fully modular system based on the use of in-ear shells; either custom-molded (Phonak’s clinical nylon eShells) or quick-fittable generic shells that are perfect for part-time or shift staff. Inside both of these in-ear shells sit Phonak’s proprietary earJacks, which include either acoustic (passive) or electronic (active, level-dependent) noise filters.

The idea of this modular approach is simple: if a different type of protection is required (i.e. ‘active’ level-dependent protection for fluctuating noise instead of passive ear protection for continuous loud noise), the user simply swaps one Serenity system for another, detaching his shells and clicking these into whichever Serenity system he requires.

Active Hearing Protection With Communication

Serenity Active Hearing Protection and CommunicationAt the head of Phonak’s current Serenity line is Serenity DPC (Dynamic Protection with Communication). This intelligent, electronic solution is ideal for users who need to communicate safely, while still protecting their hearing, in loud environments with fluctuating varying noise levels, such as shooting ranges or airport taxiways.

This dynamic or ‘active’ hearing protection product offers users full normal hearing in quiet environments (even amplifying speech sounds where required), but it also then  attenuates (dampens) sound when loud noises are detected by its built-in electronics and miniature binaural microphones.

Together these technologies literally ‘sense’ harmful sounds (including short and highly dangerous ‘impulse’ sounds such as gunshots), instantly reducing the volume of sound the user hears down to a safe level. After such dangerous sounds dissipate, Serenity DPC automatically and instantly readjusts its attenuation level so that normal conversations and crucial warning sounds can again be heard and understood.

In terms of picking up the user’s voice for radio comms, Serenity DPC’s face-worn boom microphone simply slots into an ear shell’s earJack™ component. This microphone is connected in turn to the user’s portable radio using a neck-hung connector that includes a durable Push-To-Talk junction box.

  • Active, level-dependent protection
  • Comfortable and hygienic custom-molded in-ear shells (eShells)
  • Full-connectivity radio communications
  • Modular, hot-swappable system
  • 100% natural communication at quiet times

Flexible Alternatives

For staff who require the same level-dependent adaptive hearing protection but not communication functionality, Serenity DP (Dynamic Protection) is Phonak’s protection system of choice. It features the same category-leading electronic hearing protection technology as Serenity DPC, only without DPC’s mini-boom microphone.

For users who work in continual loud noise such as airport workers, Phonak’s Serenity family also includes two non-dynamic, or ‘static’ (passive) systems. As with Serenity’s Dynamic offerings, communication and non-communication static systems are available: Serenity SPC (Static Protection Communication) and Serenity SP (Static Protection).

These systems employ an acoustic filter (rather than electronics), which is housed in the earJack™ and dampens the overall surrounding sound level down to a safe level. Three different acoustic filters are available to best suit the user’s exact surrounding noise level.

  • Static/passive (fixed-level) noise attenuation
  • 3 acoustic filter choices
  • Comfortable custom-molded eShells
  • Radio connectivity option
  • Modular, hot-swappable system

Guarantee Your Protection

Phonak SafetyMeterAlongside Serenity systems, Phonak now also offers a proprietary fit testing system called SafetyMeter.

SafetyMeter is designed to control and document the actual real-world attenuation performance an individual receives from their custom-molded in-ear Serenity protection.

This type of personal product validation ensures not only ensures that an employee’s protection is performing as it should, but it also makes SafetyMeter a useful hearing protection training tool. Running a fit test helps each member of staff understand how to properly fit and wear their protection to ensure optimum protection.

In short, Phonak has a Serenity system to suit every user, whatever their needs and likely noise environment.

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