Condor – Secure Encrypted Mobile Communications System

Phonak Communications AG

Phonak Condor is the world's first truly hands-free secure encrypted mobile communications system.

Condor provides small groups – such as mobile units and covert teams - with the ultimate in on-the-go communication flexibility.

This highly durable, license-free all-in-one solution, produced by miniaturized hearing device specialist Phonak Communications of Murten, Switzerland, is usable straight out-of-the-box and comprises a palm-sized, easy-to-wear radio unit and the user’s choice of Phonak market-leading headset.

Full-Duplex Communications (no PTT)

Condor Secure Encrypted Mobile CommunicationsCondor frees small teams by allowing up to six colleagues to communicate in full duplex mode (simultaneously talking and listening), without ever having to use a ‘push-to-talk’ button. (Any number of additional colleagues can also listen in via the same closed network).

Condor communicates over a fully secure channel and crucially for small mobile teams, Condor does not require a base station.

Condor users are also free from time-consuming and hasslesome red tape-free; the system employs free-to-use frequencies so no licenses are required and the system can be deployed instantly wherever and whenever it is required.

Small, light, durable and comfortable to wear, Condor is flexible enough to perform in all types of environment: teams can communicate at distances of up to 800 meters; the system is quick to configure (with simple pairing and no PC required); and team leaders can quickly and easily create the user-defined networks they require for simple, effective on-site communications. â¨â¨3 configurations of Condor are available to suit every type of use:

Condor Serenity DPC

Serenity DPC is a dynamic (or 'active') hearing protection system with built-in communication functionality, making it ideal for noisy situations in which full ambient awareness and accurate communication are required.

  • Noise-dependent hearing protection
  • Full ambient awareness
  • Can be worn under helmets and gas masks

Condor profilo

profilo is Phonak’s popular interference-free covert communications solution. Highly discreet and comfortable to wear, this transductor-based system's high-frequency transmissions are completely immune to electro-magnetic interference.
profilo and Condor form a professional, ultra-discrete communication solution that works out of the box, wherever and whenever users require it.

  • Covert radio headset
  • Completely interference-free
  • Secure encrypted mobile communications
  • License-free channel use

Condor ComCom

ComCom is a hands-free, boom-mic microphone headset. Combined with Condor it creates an effective, comfortable system that suits various ‘overt’ user groups whose members need to walk and talk unrestricted, without hearing protection.

  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • Durable boom-mic
  • In-ear shells offer day-long comfort

Phonak’s Condor system is available in a rugged carry case, complete with charger unit. Individual Condor charger units are also available.

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