Military Optical Systems Suppliers

Discover Optical Systems companies supplying products and services specifically to the Military industry on the Copybook Global Business Network

  • Adams Industries Inc.

    Military Imaging Systems, Helmet Mounted Night Vision

    Adams Industries supply military imaging systems ranging from monoculars and binoculars to weapon sights and helmet mounted night vision.

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    PO Box 641413, Los Angeles, 90064
  • Aimpoint AB

    Red Dot Sights

    Aimpoint AB provide military units & special operations forces around the globe with Red Dot Sights, ensuring the point of aim will be the point of impact. The sights are handmade at state of the art facilities and comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards

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    Jägershillgatan 15, Malmö, SE-213 75
  • Betalight B.V

    Gaseous Tritium Light Sources and Devices

    Betalight b.v. supplies Trilux Sights for military specifications.

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    Handelsweg , Handelsweg , 3880
  • Bollé Tactical

    Ballistic Goggles, Spectacles and Sunglasses

    Bollé Tactical are a specialist supplier of protective eyeware offering a full range of ballistic goggles, spectacles and sunglasses.

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    95, rue Louis Guérin, Saint-Chamond, 69100
  • Britannia Defence Systems Ltd

    Camera and Night Vision Solutions

    Britannia Defence Systems Ltd is the export sales arm of Britannia 2000. The Company designs, manufactures and integrates specialist surveillance equipment for Military and Government use.

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    United Kingdom
    Grove Park, Maidenhead, SL6 3LW
  • Defence Vision Systems

    SWIR Cameras for Airborne Surveillance and Armoured Vehicles

    Defence Vision Systems (DVS) offer a wide range of military camera technologies to the Defence Market including cameras for UAVs, panoramic cameras and intensified active imaging cameras which are able to pick out intruders in complex environments.

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    United Kingdom
    Millham, Mountfield, Robertsbridge, TN32 5LA
  • Fraser Optics

    Suppliers of Optical Sighting Systems

    Fraser Optics are leading providers of gyro-mechanical stabilized optical sighting systems. Using innovative devices engineered with the unique STEDI-EYE feature Fraser Optics can remove 98% of motion interference.

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    1025 Thomas Drive, Warminster, 18974
  • I.L.E.E. AG

    Firearm Laser and Light Systems

    I.L.E.E. AG; Industrial Laser and Electronic Engineering, was founded in 1977 and has earned a justified fine reputation in the conversion of laser technology for defence and private industry applications.

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    Schützenstrasse, Urdorf, CH 8902
  • Schott North America

    High Quality Glass and Ceramic Products

    Schott North America produce a range of glass and glass ceramic products for the defense and security industries including force protection products, fiber optics and hermetically sealed packaging.

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    2451 Crystal Drive, Arlington, 22202
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