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Live Fire Ballistic Walls and Structures

Octagon Defence Systems manufacture innovative ballistic absorbing walls for the world's militaries and security forces. In the heat of combat, it is essential that ally forces have adequate cover and protection from incoming fire. Octagon's specialist blocks can be quickly assembled into a defensive wall, stand up to intense fire and absorb the impact of ballistics, protecting troops and personnel.

Ballistic Absorbing WallsLive Fire Walls

Octagon Defence are committed to delivering environmentally friendly solutions, manufacturing ballistic blocks using recycled tires from commercial and private vehicles. In addition, used blocks are recycled by the company and made into new ones. Octagon's strong eco-moral compass guides them in delivering exceptionally engineered products that can be relied on in the toughest conditions.

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Ballistic Absorbing Walls

Octagon's ballistic absorbing walls are fashioned from high-density rubber blocks. Their elastic structure effectively absorbs the most intense ballistic impacts, removing the shock of the projectile without chipping the wall, giving the product a longer life and enhanced structural integrity.

The key advantages of Octagon's wall system over concrete force protection products are the blocks' interlocking structure and reusable properties. The walls are constructed from manageable blocks and use a “lego-like” interlocking system that enables them to be slotted together with both speed and ease, saving on manpower and additional resources such as cement.

The result is a robust, impermeable structure that can be tailored to any size / dimensions. Each block can be coloured or camouflaged to reflect the environment in which they are placed, providing extra cover for personnel.

Camoflarge Ballistic WallsMilitary Live Fire Walls

Firing Range Walls

Octagon's ballistic absorbing blocks are especially suitable for live fire ranges. The blocks' interlocking system enables the construction of firing range walls, which can be easily replaced when they have sustained a certain amount of fire. Unlike solid concrete range structures, individual damaged blocks can be exchanged with new ones without the need to replace the entire wall. This saves time, money and is much better for the environment.

Octagon Defence is aware that disposing of ballistics and damaged range materials can be costly, so at the end of the product's life the company will take the blocks away where they will be recycled into new ones.

The blocks being manufactured from rubber give them superb acoustic control qualities. If used to line existing firing range walls, they can reduce noise and provide a better testing environment for military personnel and range staff.

Range Sound Proofing BlocksBallistic Block Interlocking System
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