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Emergency Buildings, Mobile Housing Units

NomadiQ Shelter Solutions Inc was founded in early 2008. We have main offices located in Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. We are able to promote and provide our product to any global location due to our world-wide shipping capabilities. We are the exclusive world-wide provider of the impressive TurboShelter unit. It has very unique design and operational capabilities; in that it is a solid-sided, temporary, customizable and portable shelter system that is effective in all climates.  As well, with our newly incorporated "Off-the-Grid (OTG)" capability, TurboShelter structures can be entirely self-sufficient and not rely on any local power grid, a huge advantage to military operations in austere environments.

It is entirely customizable to our customer's requirements from remote housing units, command posts, emergency shelters etc. We also are able to provide shelter consultant services to militaries, resource/mining industries and emergency disaster systems amongst others.

Military Base Accommodations

Military Base AccommodationThe unique TurboShelter system provides ideal accommodation capabilities in remote or austere military operational environments.  With the ability to interconnect, the TurboShelter system, provides military organizations with a remarkably flexible, portable, customizable, OTG capable and an entirely redeployable shelter system, which is ideal for use in environmentally challenging military environments.

The TurboShelter offers easily transportable temporary military base accommodations. The TurboShelter system is also extremely useful in operational settings where rapid shelter set-up is critical to mission success.

Emergency Shelter Buildings

Emergency Shelter BuildingsTurboShelter's ease of storage makes it an ideal solution for pre-disaster preparation.  The TurboShelter unit is easily and efficiently stored in preparation for use post-disaster.  Once deployed to the disaster region, the TurboShelter emergency shelter building can be set up in a couple of hours with no special trade skills or equipment required.  This allows on scene disaster responders the ability to focus on other more pressing requirements in the disaster area.

The TurboShelter requires no pre-deployment preparation and up to six units can be stored in one 40-ft shipping container, ensuring rapid deployment with minimal logistical footprint, which is always a challenge during times of large-scale disaster response.

Caboose ExteriorThe TurboShelter is a unique solid structure and is significantly more durable as an accommodation than conventional soft-sided structures ensuring enduring comfort for disaster victims.

Mobile Housing Units

The TurboShelter system is ideal for mobile housing unit requirements in remote settings where rapid set-up is critical and also where efficient transportation is essential.  With the ability to ship up to 6 TurboShelters within one 40-ft shipping container, the logistical footprint is very minimal, providing companies significant cost efficiencies in transportation.  Once on site, minimal site preparation is required before individuals are housed in a comfortable environment.

Mobile Housing Units Military Mobile Housing Units
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